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    Candy GO F 662 washing machine not working - "Cold Wash" button blinks/flashes twice

    We've just bought a Candy GO F 662 washing machine, second hand. It worked fine for the first 3 or 4 washes, but now it's just stopped. When I try and start a wash, the "Door Security" light, the "Max" light and the "3h" light stay on - see photo, below. Water does flow into the "washing...
  2. J

    Water pressure gauge location on ProTherm GlowWorm Ultimate 50?

    Can anyone advise how to find/access the water pressure gauge on a ProTherm GlowWorm Ultimate 50 boiler?
  3. J

    Central heating system blocked?

    After finally fixing a problem with our old boiler, we've been able to turn the central heating on today for the first time in about two years. The boiler seemed to fire up OK, but the radiators didn't get very warm at all. Given that the whole central heating system has been inactive for...
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    Vokera Option - red light flashing and rapid clicking sound

    My Vokera Option boiler was playing up for a while - only heating water for a short time (just enough for a quick shower) but now it's not heating at all. There's a red flashing light so I opened the front panel and saw the water pressure was at about 0.8. So I let some water through and...
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    Has my roofer done a good job of replacing my flat roof?

    Hiya, Whilst having my dormer re-cladded, I realised the dormer's flat roof probably needed replacing too. So I called out a local roofer and he said the flat roof was indeed knackered. He also pointed out how it slope backwards slightly (towards the roof slates), rather than sloping forwards...
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    Washer spinning slowly

    Hiya, I have a NEFF V4380 washer dryer. There is a problem with the spinning - it spins much slower than it should. Does anyone have any ideas? It has had new motor brushes fitted recently, but that didn't help. Thanks in advance (if you reply!!). Cheers, James