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    Damp patch. Bay Window

    I've got to congratulate you on some great tenacity. You've done well to question the "expert" damp proofing companies. 10/10 I'd like, if I may to augment JohnD's earlier please. If there is a damp proof course, as John has said it will be slate. It's rare but they can fail. If the slates were...
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    Footing for self-build extension 6x5

    When reviewing costs for foundations in cost order I have a rough guide I've always used Deep fill concrete trench fill (up to 2m deep) with precast concrete beams Raft Piles I work in volume housing (commercial) so my guide may not apply to a small build. However, I can't imagine on an...
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    Lintels with a timber frame house

    Hi Matthew, Bear with me please. I can't recall the exact figures but roughly speaking 90% of the light that comes through a window comes from the top 15% of the window. The rest of the window is there for us to see through and provide a window cill where the cat can sit. There will be two...
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    Floorboards are up - how do I tackle this?

    You can treat the existing joists by applying woodworm treatment and replacing any rotten areas. AiY
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    Floorboards are up - how do I tackle this?

    Hi Gizzydash, I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve. Do you want insulate the floor? My advice is you should. However, I don't agree that "quilt insulation is your best option because someone has said it's as cheap as chips. It's one option and it is cheap. It is not as thermally efficient...
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    Retrofitting Block and Beam Floor

    Alternatively be patient and wait for the builder to do the job for you? Just a mindless thought. About 40 years ago I was proud (then) to own a Marina - it went well in a straight line. It needed some work doing on it. I asked the garage how much they would charge for the works. They quoted...
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    Re-Roof in Process - Please advise

    Redland Mini Stonewold Flat Concrete Pair of Half Slate Tiles - Black | Roofing Superstore® AiY
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    Re-Roof in Process - Please advise

    Found it. No, sorry there's not a tile and a half - talking out of my rear :-) AiY
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    Re-Roof in Process - Please advise

    Can I check it's a Redland 90 please? Thank you AiY
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    Re-Roof in Process - Please advise

    This photograph. The timber laths should be "staggered" so that they do not all butt up over one joist. This prevents to two nails being driven into the roof joist and effectively creating a weakness which could split. (Ignore the spacing dimension in the sketch below) Yes 5U felt is used...
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    Load Bearing Walls - Plans attached

    The left hand wall in the lounge will be load bearing for sure. If I was designing the foundations for the house I'd make the wall that divides the dining room and lounge structural and run the foundation straight through to support the stair trimmers. But I can't say for sure. AiY
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    Floorboards are up - how do I tackle this?

    Yes. Sorry I should have said use a 225mm deep joist. It will course into the brickwork better. When you cut a treated joist or any treated timber you should treat the "raw" end with two coats of hand applied treatment. Generally speaking there are three kinds of insulation available on the...
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    Floorboards are up - how do I tackle this?

    If you remove the internal sleeper wall and replace the 110mm joist with a deeper floor joist - say 200mm then you don't need to put air bricks is. The added depth of timber joist will allow a greater depth of insulation supported by the deeper joists. I'd suggest you consider PIR which is more...
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    Patio half covering air bricks

    You could make a small local retaining structure around the air brick using some precast concrete path edgings. Come away from the existing wall on two sides at 90 degrees by 100mm and join the to ends up. Only air will be able to pass through the brick AiY
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    Floorboards are up - how do I tackle this?

    I've some thoughts. What are your trying to achieve please? I think there's an opportunity to increase the floor insulation (various approaches available) but looking at it the floor it seems structurally sound but the odd additional cross flow air brick wouldn't go amiss. AiY
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    Load Bearing Walls - Plans attached

    Which house please? AiY
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    Retaining wall

    No. That's a reasonable depth of soil to retain. You need to start thinking of something more appropriate and regretably more expensive. Google Geowall and see if that gives you any ideas or inspiration. AiY
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    Brickie costs for porch

    If it's a days work £280 And so on If you can find a retired bricklayer who is working part time to top up his pension it could be about half that. But if cost is already an issue I wouldn't bother as decent bricklayers are in demand currently AiY
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    Re-Roof in Process - Please advise

    I'm not a roofer. If I recall correctly there should be a roof tile available which is one and half times the width of a standard tile. Concrete tiles are much more heavy than slate. Have you had your roof structure checked by a structural engineer to see if it can cope with the added weight...
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    Old roof - re-roofed

    The builder has agreed to sort the canopy detail out - pictured below I think the "felt" to the bottom of the roof should be a 5U? I don't what the lifespan on 5U is? The tiles look very close to the edge of the gutter and I would have anticipated they should be more central over the mid...