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    cavity Trays - what are they??

    Also make sure all `windings` on the wall ties are facing downwards, this allows the water to drip of them in to the tray.
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    Hanging French Doors

    You mention `joiner` which tends to suggest wood. Make sure your frame is square by mesuring the diagonals ie top left corner to bottom right corner then topright corner to bottom left corner. Both mesurements should be the same in a square frame, if not adjust till they are.
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    Can't find drain cock!

    Dosen`t really matter were you drain the system from as long as the point of drain is the lowest part (assuming you want to drain the whole system) While its empty why not install a proper drain cock to make life easier in the future.
  4. J

    1 radiator in house cold, pipes into it are cold aswell??

    The rad is no good, get a new one