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    Diagnosing cause of boiler not diring for heating - programmer?

    Hi, Potterton boiler Potterton EP2002 programmer Honeywell room stat Stat valves on rads All on an install which has been working and untouched for many years. I'm after a bit of help to narrow down a fault. Our boiler is not firing up all the time even when programmer is on and hall based...
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    Resistor identification help.

    Hi, Can anyone help me check my identification of these resistors? They're on a garage opener. I'm hoping to try replacing them to see if there's a simple/cheap fix. If not, it'll be at least a new board and possibly a new opener as I don't know if these were the root cause. I think they...
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    Tiny bit of floor tiling - newbie questions

    Hi - I have read gcol's helpful FAQ post but wonder if anyone can help me with a question... I have to extend some existing floor tiling by a tiny amount (max 100mm) so that I can replace a bath panel which sits back a bit further than the old one. The existing tiles are laid on plywood over...
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    Menvier TS690 - tamper on non-existent circuit??

    Hi, We have a TS690 alarm. After a long period of non-use, I want to get our alarm back in service. The installation company is gone. I've replaced the battery, then a factory reset to reset the engineer's code and done a hardware re-learn. The LCD is displaying Aux Tamper. I have...