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    Coupling toilet float valve

    Hi, My really old downstairs toilet (mains water pressure) was constantly overflowing so much so it over-whelmed the overflow. After turning the water off (no isolators) I opened it up and the float valve was the old part 1, ball float in poor condition and appeared the valve leaked. As the...
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    Poor water flow upstairs - bathroom taps

    Hi, We had the kitchen done about 6months ago and boiler replaced standard gravity with a combi so I thought everything cold was on mains. I recognise the hot water flow would be not great. However, cold flow and pressure upstairs is poor almost half of downstairs but only I think from the bath...
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    Single Skin porch - possible insulation, plastering

    1970's house. My house and all houses in street originally prior to redevelopments had single (half-brick porch). Looking at mine the original parquet floor (I understand they laid the wood into bitumen over concrete) matches rest of house floor under carpets so assumed original porch. The...