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    glow worm compact, hot water but no central heating

    i have a glowworm compact combi, and currently it senses a demand for hot water even though the taps are all off and no dripping. I disconnected the plug for the diverter valve micro switch and the other sensor to the diverter valve and its still the same. My question is really, would it be...
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    Help, I can't identify this system

    I hope someone out there has some answers, because this has stumped me. Firstly we have a 'not new' potterton standard wall mounted boiler, this supplies heat to a non standard indirect combi cylinder (it has 1 extra water connection to the lower third of the cylinder). The heating is a...
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    Invisible uploads or missinformation?

    Currently I am running p2p prog winmx. Maybe its immoral but loads of us are doing it. The thing is this, on winmx it tells me I am uploading at a rate of around 2kbps and on my Sygate it tells me outgoing traffic is 6/9Kbps. I cant help wondering if this is what is called 'hijacking' and...
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    changing .iso files?

    I have downloaded a .iso file from winmx. I know that it is a CD image file and needs to be burnt to cd to make it work. However it is a self booting cd, designed to install a well known OS without install 98se first. When I tested the disc it told me that Atapi.SY_ was corrupt and quit. Not...
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    ravenheat rsf820/20t ch ok, no hw

    ravenheat rsf820/20t ch ok, no hw. We are talking no hw at all, can anyone give me a check list in order to find the fault as the manual only covers none working boiler. happy New Year Rob