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    combi boiler noisy after turning on cold tap

    We have a 2 year old combi boiler (Gloworm). Today we had a plumber in to sort out a couple of dripping taps. Since their repair, after we have turned on the cold tap the boiler makes a noise as though it is going to fire up. It doesn't actually light though. The noise lasts a few seconds only...
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    How to paint a wooden bath panel

    Hi, we have moved to a house with a very 80's bathroom, peach corner bath, floor to ceiling peach tiles, gold taps and mahogany loo seat/ bath panel etc. We cannot afford to rip it all out, so will have to try and make it slightly more up to date on the cheap!!. Would like to try and paint...
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    Heating not coming on

    Hi - here's hoping someone has an idea what is going on with our heating. At the moment it won't turn on- we hear the thermostat click, but this does not trigger the heating to come on. If I manually move the switch on the mid-position valve it comes on, then turns off when the desired...
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    No hot water or no heating!

    Earlier this winter we had a problem with our ystem when we had hot water, but no heating - I couldonly get both by movingnthe mid-position valve manually. This seemed to resolve spontaneously after a couple of days so we didn't get anyone to look at it. Last night we had both heating and...
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    Hot water temperature

    Having (stupidly) endured months of scalding hot water :oops: we have eventually had the thermostat on our hot watertank replaced. However we weren't told what temp to set it at, so showers this morning were luke warm. It is currently at just over 50C. Should I alter the thermostat on our...