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    Wiring a fused light switche

    Bought some new fancy sockets and switches for my converted garage , the sockets were pretty straight forward but when i come to change the single fused light switch it , the light came on but it wouldn't switch on or off , any ideas? I've posted 2 pictures of the wires etc
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    Full Rewire ( whilst living in, advice )

    Hi all. I'm getting a full rewire on Tuesday, even though I've not long since decorated . My kitchen is pretty newish and they said it needs to be rewired aswel. Is there anyway they can get behind without the need to move all worktops and alliances? Or will everything have to be disconnected...
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    Full Rewire help

    About 3 weeks ago I wanted to update my fuse box as its 1970s and everytime It tripped I had to wire the fuse , so an electrician came out to check to see if my electrics were OK to fit a new board, and he said it was fine. A few days later he came out and he took 4 hours and then after all that...
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    Blue grit

    Hi im a fairly decent plasterer but only do it in my spare time. I plan on using fenbond blue grit On 2 glossy looking artex ceilings in my house. Quick question ? Do i roll the blue grit on ,leave it for 24hrs and skim over even when its dry? Or do i do the same but put a coat of normal pva...
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    Drainage channel help advice please

    Hi I have sloped back garden that dips down into my garage. It floods when there is very heavy rainfall. I've bought some drainge channels to help said the water flow to the grids drains I already have now.. Ok so I understand I have to dig a small trench so that the channels can be cemented...
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    Plumbing training advice

    Hi I'm looking at going back to college in September of a evening to learn plumbing. It's level 1 city and guilds diploma . I've not any experience at all . Only ever took a radiator off . Will this be to dificult to learn for me. I'm also not very good at maths. But I'm really keen to learn...
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    Plastering question

    Hi I'm plastering and my uncles kitchen ceiling were it has leaked. He' already plasterboared it for me and just wants me to plaster were it has been fixed not the whole ceiling. How do I stop cracks apparing after I've plastered around edges of wall meets the ceiling and also down the part...
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    Plastering advice

    Hi I've took a photo of a wall i want to skim over on stairs. I don't want to plaster the to walls ajecent to each other. Is it possibly to skim the one wall without using beading or is there a stop bead that gives me a nice point. I can players walls and ceilings just not professional .
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    Ceiling light wiring help

    Hi I want to fit my new ceiling light and I know it may sound stupid to most of you novice electricians . The wiring coming from the ceiling I think are red and there is 3 other black ones and 2 of them are taped together which makes me think are they earth wires. Do I connect the 2 earth wires...
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    How to wire a fused block after trip

    Sounds stupid but my lights blew a fuse and my fuse box is very old I believe I have to buy some fused wire and do it the old way. How do i do it step by step. I understand I have to unscrew the fuse for the lights.
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    Fitting new doors help. Or question for joiner

    Hi if you can see in the picture I plan to put double doors up in the living room in the near future once all decorating had been finished. Given the odd shape of the door frame would I be able to buy doors and get a joiner to fit to suit ?
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    Advice needed on new electrical trip fuse/trip box

    Hi we have moved into our new house about 3 weeks ago and noticed there is a old fuse/trip box , which is annoying if the anything trips out etc as I would have to rewire the fuse . Does anyone know how much it would cost for an electrictian to fit a new and up to date box ? And what one do I...
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    Laminate flooring living room and dining room

    It's gonna sound daft and I know I've put this flooring down before but small square rooms... I just done want to mess up. Just wondering were is best to start from? If you can make it out in the picture I'm doing to rooms the same laminate as they are both open plan. Do I start from the top...
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    Removing radiator for plasterers

    Hi I've got a plasterer coming round Thursday and he need the radiator off so he can get behind it. Do I just turn the valves to close them off both ends of therm and the other end and that's it or will the water still come through once I've emptied all the water from radiator? .. Someone...
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    New tiles/ clean up or vinyl (moved from Projects)

    Hi need to some advice on weather to lay vinyl flooring on top of these existing red tiles as we are selling the house soon? Or should I just clean them up etc Thamx
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    Tiling porch (Moved from Your Projects)

    Hi I've had a go at tiling before but need advice from professionals etc. I am gonna tile over the existing tiles in my porch area but at the edge of the step is a curved brick. Do I tile upto the curve and square it off or leave it ? Thanks
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    Boxing in boiler? (moved from forum information)

    Hi we have a combi boiler in my daughters bedroom. It looked like it was moved from the kitchen before we moved in few years ago. My question is , is it safe to box this in , as in making it a cupboard so you can access it when need to or when a gas engineer has to ? Would I need to make a...
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    Cracking in bay window (this is not Forum Information)

    Hi I have a crack in bay window near top how much will it cost roughly to repair or will the whole window need replacing? +++++++++++++++++ Moderator's note Please see +++++++++++++++++
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    Rendering (moved from "Your Projects"

    I plan on rendering my outhouse building in garden. I've never rendered before but know how to plaster . I plan on using k rend Base coat and top coats etc. OK so I need to use external needs for corners but what do u use for the doors and windows??? Fit stop beeds or use externel corner beeds...