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    Painting Tiles

    Hi I have some old tiles that I am not in a position to replace at the moment, and wondered if people had much success with Tile paint to try and tidy it up. I have been looking at some reviews/use of V33 Tile Paint and wondered if people on this forum had much experience. I was planning to...
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    Ferroli Boiler and Hot Water Temperature

    Ferroli Boiler - Optimax He Plus 38c - I have been unlucky to move into a property with this boiler - I have seen a number of my neighbours have these removed. When running a tap the water will heat to 55C which is the highest setting on the boiler but when running a bath the water temperature...
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    Best way to touch this up

    I found it particularly difficult removing the ceiling light, after a little nudge it came free and so did the paint and plasterboard. Can I get away with a bit of filler, sanding and painting or is there a preferred method/products to use ?
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    Integrating a Scale Inhibitor

    Hi I am looking to introduce a Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor to reduce the amount of limescale that is affecting my dishwasher and trying to assess the best way to do this. Flomasta Electrolytic Compression Connection Scale Inhibitor 15mm | Scale Inhibitors | Can I integrate...