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    08 fusion cam belt

    Does anyone know the recommended mileage to get the cambelt changed I'm on 60k at the moment
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    Ford Fusion battery drain

    Hi guys I've got a 2008 Ford Fusion I've had it for about a year and the battery is died twice. I had a new battery fitted when I bought it. Now that only thing I think it could be is the kids play with the interior light at the back and leave it on it does turn off with the engine but the...
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    Toyota aygo disc replacement

    Hi guys, just back from mot and advised front discs, as short on cash i was thinking i might do them myself. Ive only ever done a oil and filter change before so how easy is this to do? Im thinking ill do the pads at the same time?
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    Ford fusion knocking sound

    Hi guys, my cars making a strange noise, basicly when you pull away in first gear it kind of judders or knocking sound from the front. You have to pull away real gentle for it not to happen but cant always do that, when you have to give is some gas it judders/knocks Any ideas what can cause this?
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    Peugeot 107 indercator

    Hi guys, i might be buying a 107 from £2600 I think its a decent price but hes just droped on me that one of the indercator lights on the dash doesn't light up anymore, i thinking this could be costly if the dash has to be dismantled? I have no idea if easy fix or not any help much appreciated.
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    Tree house from pallets

    Hi guys I've been told I've got to make a treehouse for the children! I'm going to do it out of pallets as there's loads laying around at work I'm just wondering about the splinters is it just a case of sanding them down? If anyone happens to have any pictures tree houses made from pallets I...
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    Blind too far from wall

    Hi guys, is there shorter fixings i can get to make the blinds closer to the wall? The wood is there because its near impossible to get the blind straight into the wall. So ideally i want to still go into the wood
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    Cutting in and Caulking

    I'm just about to start painting the house I've lined some of the walls, I'm wondering should I caulk around the ceiling and the dado rail after putting the colour on the walls to hide the dodgy cutting in? Or should I do all the caulking before painting?
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    Climbing plants

    We've got a arch trellis type thing in the garden, im after something to grow over it. Something easy to maintain preferably?Possibly evergreen?
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    Ideas to fix these metel plates together

    Ive got these weights, they are 20kg each and i need to fix 2 together to make 40kg, they will be carried so need to be fixed pretty good, any ideas?
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    Privacy plants

    Hi guys, now im no gardener at all but what im after is a fast growing tall plant for at the back of the garden along the fence people can litrally just see us in the garden. We have bamboo in another place in the garden but not sure what variety it is or how fast it grows Also something cheap...
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    What to paint doors with

    Got hollow wood doors throughout and want them as closer match to the floor as poss, which is walnut luxury vinyl. What should i use to paint the doors with any suggestions?
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    Luxury vinyl floor

    Whats to best way to get rid of the glue residue? Is it literally just a case of scrubbing it or is there a easier way?
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    Can i paint on these wall?

    Hi guys Can i paint straight on these walls, ive stripped the old paper and i will fill ( a lot) of holes and scuffs I was going to just go white emulsion then my colour, can i do that?
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    New home plasterboard walls

    What fixings can i use for plaster board walls, for things like towl rack, small shelfs etc The plasterboard seems quite thin and i put a small bathroom shelf up a couple days ago, only has soap etc on it. I used normal wall plug and screw but its already wobbly. Need to put a towl rail up to...
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    Painting plasterboard

    Ive got a serving hatch in my living room that ive boarded up with plasterboard, am i able to just paint over it or do i need to do anything special?
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    Tv aerial playing up

    Ive just moved in, always just one of those aerials that just sit on top of tv or window seel but cant pick up any signal with that. New house has aerial on roof with cable running down side of house and indoors. Ive had to add a 5m extention to reach but the signal is hit and miss. It...
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    Wall fixings for tv

    Ive just moved home yesterday, one of my first jobs is to get the tv on the wall to keep the kids occupied while unpacking! Ive just gone to put on wall and right where i want it the used to be a serving hatch through to kitchen. From what it fills like its just a wood frame with a square of...
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    Fusion oil change

    Hi all, im going to attempt a oil and filter change in my 2008 1.4 fusion, seems simple enough. My question is when i look for filters theres differant sizes available, cant find the correct size in the manuals i have? Can anyone help me out as i would like to have it all bought, oil and...
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    Pull up bar pebble dashed wall

    Hi all new to the fourm! Im after some advive, im going to fit a pullup bar to exterior wall but its pebble dashed, sure thats what its called! Little pebbles all over it. So how to i fit a pullup bar to this do i just buy longer bolts to make sure it goes far enough into the wall? Thanks :)