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    Quick question (Senior moment)

    I'm gathering all the bits n bobs ready to have a multi-fuel Rayburn installed & we're using a TELBCI18045VF - Telford INDIRECT Combination Cylinder 1800 x 450, single-coil, with immersion. My question is. Do I need to order a ball-valve for the cold water inlet at the top? On the spec, there...
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    Quick question: Dimming 6v LED plinthlights

    As the title, please can anyone tell me if I can dim 6v plinth/decking lights with one of these I don't want to cut the...
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    Never trust a template

    I'm installing a stainless twin bowl corner kitchen sink purchased from screwfix. There are comprehensive installations including a good quality template which following the instructions I cut out and used to position the sink exactly n place on my nice 40mm solid oak worktop. I thought to cut...
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    Gas, rubber tubing

    Living in the country where there's only mains gas in the larger towns I'm quite used to seeing orange rubber tubing used on LPG setups but recently I've noticed it's use connecting hobs 'in town'. I thought domestic situations need copper pipes etc, though obviously not with LPG, whats the...
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    Suspended wood floor, ventilation, wet plinth-heater.

    Our house is a couple of hundred years old and the ground flloor are pine suspended over a 2' gap. It's all clean and tidy, no rot or damp and we fitted underfloor insulation a couple of years ago. My question is: I am in the process of converting the rear 'parlor' into the kitchen. I have a...
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    13a plug instead of D/pole switch

    Rather than fit double pole switches for the cooker hood and the central heating plinth heater our kitchen fitter has suggested using 'normal' 13a plugs utilising a existing double sockets. Is this acceptable? both of the sockets are easily accessible by removing the plinth.
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    Marko water boiler question

    I'm in the process of buying a Marco Water Boiler Ecoboiler T5 and when I go to the basket they try to sell me a filter fitting kit which looks like a bit of a rip off. Question is should I fit a filter ?, I...
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    I would like a chimney cowl installed on one of my chimney pots.The house is a 2 stort terraced house, the roof is in excellent condition as are the chimney pots. The type of cowl I want to have fitted are I had a...
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    Islamic bidet spray attachments?

    A friend who owns b&bs in Tenby has been advised to fit the above mentioned fittings...
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    Bank runs start in Italy

    Thank f### we're not in the Euro
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    3/4" brass garden tap

    I have a nice new garden tap...
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    Bags of ballast in back of car.

    I have been transporting bags of ballast from B&Q which is approx 1 mile from the house. I've happily been purchasing 10 at a time ( to get the discount) and loading 5 either side through the passenger door . My car is a Citroen C3 Picasso, the rear seats fold flat and covered with a tailor-made...
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    Ideal Logic combi 35. Hot water only setting not working.

    As the title says our deal combi 35. Hot water only setting not working properly. On the hot water and radiators setting there are no problems but I (optimistically) changed the setting yesterday to hot water only and now showers and taps are lukewarm. I changed it back to radiators and tap...
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    Bathroom shaving light problem

    I'm fitting a new bathroom shaving light, swapping like for like. Problem is although I fitted it exactly as per the instructions the light doesn't work. I've checked the bulb, on/off corded switch etc and established that the problem lies with the 2 contact type switches? that remain open...
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    solid fuel Rayburn, water tanks ?

    We are going to swap our multi-fuel stove for a multi-fuel Rayburn with a boiler. We are having a heatas fitter coming down to set it all up and have said we would get everything into position. At this stage I should say we are pretty skint and the budget is limited, our neighbour has donated...
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    Sealing dusty bricks internal wall

    Quick question, I need a quick fix to seal dusty internal wall, its approx 150years old lime mortar .20151105_133329 by richardrich79 posted 5 Nov 2015 at 1:38 PM I wondered about PVA but have been told that it's not advisable to seal bricks as they need to 'breath', next idea is to use emulsion...
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    Does this sound sensible?

    Following on from my last Thread We're trying to find the most cost-effective permanent repair. I've been quoted £1500 (ish) which is way out of our league (I'm disabled and unable to work) Another idea is...
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    Lath and plaster ceiling collapse

    As the title of the thread says the effing roof just fell in narrowly missing my wife who is seriously not amused. Checked it out and there is no water around it's bone dry, 150+ years old, the rest of the ceiling seems sound enough but I guess it should all be replaced to be sure. Anyone...
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    6mm cable-cooker?

    Hi everyone, quick question. Need new electric cooker, (oven &separate hob), the knackered cooker we have is wired into cooker switch and is a 6 mm cable with a B32 crabtree trip (?) switch. Question is are there any ovens I should not be looking at? I know in our last house the oven was...
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    Splicing ring main, acceptable?

    We're in the process of moving our kitchen & as currently the cables are all surfaced mounted it's not too much of a pain to physically shift the entire kitchen socket ring to the new room and swap the new rooms 'ground floor sockets' into the old kitchen. ( the cables for the cooker and hob are...