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    Extending under stair cupboard support

    Hi all I was hoping you could help I have started taking down what I believe to be a stud wall under my stairs. I'm feeling a little uneasy about some of the studwork in case it's supporting. Please could someone advise if any of these posts are holding up the quarter landing as I'm a bit...
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    Cooker Hood

    Good Afternoon all I need to put up a cooker hood. I want to get it smack bang level with the hob. What is the best way? measure the middle of hob, mark wall and then rely on spirit level accuracy to make a mark further up the wall for the bracket? thank you in advance. Michael
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    Driveway drainage. Potential issue

    Hi all I have had a new driveway installed in tarmac and block border. All looks great except I have had a channel drain as the guy said because I used to have a garden then this is needed. I have since had a look at the drain and it doesn't connect to anything. I called the guy and he said...
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    Joists on sleeper wall

    Hi all I have had notches cut out of joists for waste pipe for the shower. The joist spans from one wall in the bathroom, stud wall between bathroom and bedroom and I presume it's one long joist to the end wall in the bedroom. The joist depth is 175mm and my question is because there's a...
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    DPM soil stack and cavity wall

    Afternoon all I have been doing some renovations to my house. I noticed that round internal soil stack the floor was fairly damp and crumbly. The house is a 1980’s build. I chipped away at the crumbling concrete and I was left with a small hole where I could see through the cavity. As the soil...
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    I've had various pipes installed in concrete. I need to join to existing DPM but the problem i have is the DPM has been damaged flush with channelling. I know you should have 150mm overlap but the issue i have is that will mean bashing the concrete above DPM back 150mm which will be pretty...
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    Screed or Cement?

    Hi all I have variouse voids to fill in my hallway. one void is about 200mm down, another is where pipework runs in my conrecte block about 100mm down. Should i use a screed or a make up concrete with sand, gravel and cement? I have a bag of self levelling compound. When people advise a...
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    door threshold cavity

    Morning all I'm currently lining my door threshold with a dpm and filling with concrete. I've dug out all the rubble but I'm now left with damp earth. I'm about 4 brick depths down. Do I start the dpm at this level or carry on removing the soil? Seems very deep and difficult to remove the...
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    missing sections of plasterboard

    Morning all Please can someone advise the best way if plasterboarding missing sections around my door? I've had to cut away sections to install some insulation around the perimeter but there's now nothing to rest the plasterboard on. Do you think grip filling a baton onto the external face of...
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    Door threshold

    Hi all I would really appreciate some help. I replaced a window with a door and was left with an open cavity beefier the new door that sits on the outside wall. I have some under the sill of the door. The void/cavity was fairly deep so I filled the void and left a depth of one brick thickness...
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    Block Bonding

    Good Afternoon I need some advice on how to brick up this channel. I.m currently undergoing a garage conversion. I believe this wall is holding up the floor joists above. The channel is about half a metre up, and about 10-15 cm width of missing block but the faces of the block work are...
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    Hollow block chase

    Hello Does anybody know regulations regarding chasing of hollow blocks? My electrician has chased out the hollow blocks for meter tails and as you can see from the picture the front face of the block has come away. It is however still supported by blocks below. The hollow block is 100mm...
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    Pipe Locations

    Hi all I wanted some help regarding some pipes ive had moved. The plumber has routed a gas pipe and water pipe next to each other which doesnt seem correct as I have read there should be a 35mm distance between. Also my stop tap is about 1.5 metres from where the supply enters the building...
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    Downstairs WC woes

    Hello I really need some help on installing a downsairs WC. i'm turning my existing kitchen in to a hall way and converting my garage into the kitchen. As the hallway will be spacious due to taking a studwall down by the stairs I thought that it would be a good idea to install a small...
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    Bco, SE or both?

    I have decided to get some structural work signed off. One being a chimney breast removal from the ground floor with an rsj spannin wall to wall, the other being an opening from the kitchen to the extension. There are suitably sized beams in place so I'm hoping to regularize the works through...
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    Wall thickness

    Hi all If a Chimney breast has been removed in the kitchen internally (between a kitchen and living room) in a 1930's semi from ground floor level what thickness should the brick be? Mine are half a brick in size? To put it into perspective I have a disused fire in the living room. If I were...
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    I've just had a load bearing wall taken down. There are 2 steel beams running parallel, supporting a wall each. One thug that I have noticed are they are not bolted together and I cannot see any padstones that they are resting on. It's hard to see if they are sat on brick or cement though...
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    Wallpaper Design

    please can someone name this fresco design? ive ran out of wallpaper and desperately need this pattern. It is an old design i think: thank you in advance Michael
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    Chimney breast removal

    Hi all I'd really appreciate some advice on a chimney breast removal I have recently had done in my kitchen. I feel that it isn't supported properly as it looks as though the steel is only supporting one section f the chimney breast and the back bricks are left unsupported. Please can...