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    Vaillant Vsmart

    I’ve had a Vaillant Ecotec pro 28 for about six years now. It was fitted with a VR 470f and an outside weather compensator. The outside sensor (VR20) unit has been playing up recently – the reading for the outside temp gets stuck and it very often defaults to 0 degrees. The problem with this is...
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    wall tiles cracking after install

    In November I had a tiler do some work in my batroom. Last month I noticed that a few of the tiles in the shower area had hairline cracks so I asked the tiler to come back and swap them out. He did this but was puzzled as to what had caused this. Anyway, I have now noticed another tile, not in...
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    Replacing heating element in fan-assisted oven

    I’m in the process of replacing the heating element in my fan-assisted oven and have removed two screws holding this in place. Where I expected to find the third screw the hole seems to be sealed off (no screw) and I cannot remove the element as it seems to be attached somehow to this part. I...
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    Scuff marks left by chair legs

    I have an engineered floor coated with Osmo hardwax oil and a few days ago someone moved a large sofa across it. There are now a couple of beautiful scuff marks which run the length of the room and I'd like some advice on the best way way to remove these. Thanks.
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    Best method of filling ceiling holes

    I’ve just had some kitchen lights installed on a recently plastered ceiling and now have a bit of making good to do as the holes left by the plasterer did not match up with holes the electrician made. For small bits this is not a problem as I’ll use some filler but one of the holes is quite...
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    Replacing vertical tiles on old fireplace

    I have an old Edwardian fireplace with a row of vertical tiles down either side. I want to replace these but believe the new tiles will have to be inserted from the back. Unfortunately, it will be impossible for me to do this and my question is can it be done any other way? Inside the fireplace...
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    Hanging lining paper on chimney breast

    I'm hanging lining paper with the intention of painting it. I have hung it horizonally and vertically depending on how easy it is. For example, there is a picture rail running around the room and hanging the paper horizontally gives a very neat edge to this which doesn't need cutting. Of course...
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    11 inch Pier tops

    Anyone know where I can obtain a couple of 11 inch concrete pier caps in north London? All the suppliers i have tried so far only have 12 inch. Mr Pickles
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    Paint cracks when drying

    I’m in the process of painting the walls in a room which has previously been painted with an emulsion sheen finish. After applying two coats with a roller I have noticed the new paint has tiny cracks all over it. Looks a bit like a lake that has dried out during a drought. Is this because I...