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    Wacky UPVC French door problem

    Hi, just moved into a property and am having problems with the French doors. The main door was catching the rollers on the bottom of their slots by a couple of mils and the door wouldn't lock during the hot weather. As you can see from the photographs somebody has completely mucked the whole...
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    Vaillant Turbomax Pro 828E on and off every couple of minutes

    Hi, I have a Vaillant Turbomax Pro 828E boiler. In twenty years it's had a new diverter valve and new gas valve fitted, the gas valve being fitted a couple of years ago. Since I've been locked down I've noticed that once it gets up to temp it switches on and off relentlessly. It's on for a...
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    Door closer keeps altering.

    Thanks for all the replies. It isn't dragging on the flooring and there are no seals on the door. When the closer is off the door swings perfecelt withoin the frame. No loose hinges, nothing out of whack. The lock works fine. However I adjust the main sweep of the door, fast or slow, doesn't...
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    Door closer keeps altering.

    It's a Dorma size 3-4 overhead door closer on a 24 inch FD30 door. And I set it to close but after a couple of days it's either slamming the door or doesn't have enough force to close the door. I thought it was the door closer so I replaced it ( it was originally a Briton of similar standard)...
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    Wooden greenhouse construction on dwarf wall

    Hi, would greatly appreciate any help for somebody with limited woodworking skills. I'm looking to constuct a wooden-framed greenhouse on a small area surrounded by a dwarf wall.The area with all the grass and weeds growing on it is the area I want to construct a wooden frame over and cover it...
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    Internal wall rendering questions.

    I should have said it's a basement flat but basically ground floor as it's dug out at the back. There's a window right next to this exposed brickwork. The house is a couple of hundred years old too.
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    Internal wall rendering questions.

    I'm removing a small amount of dry rot in a basement flat. I've started hacking the render off the internal wall and I'm back to the brick. What's the best stuff to re-render the wall with? Obviously I want it as breathable as possible to help prevent further rot so just banging on a big...