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    How do you de-register from this forum please?

    Many thanks! I'll give it a go.
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    Paint not sticking

    What kind of white paint were you using to paint over the orange?
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    How do you de-register from this forum please?

    I think having more than one username contravenes forum rules and I have no wish to do that.
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    Wrong undercoat?

    I'm amazed you weren't knocked out by the smell of a whole wall's worth of oil-based paint. I'm also confused as to why you were using an undercoat before emulsion anyway. If changing the colour on a wall, you just need an extra coat of emulsion, not a special undercoat. You won't need to...
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    How do you de-register from this forum please?

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I emailed Admin sometime ago and received no reply. Is there an easy way, either to change my username or to de-register as a member? Many thanks in advance for any help.
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    Painting over lining paper that ends in middle of wall!

    Which women/woman? And why does their gender have anything to do with it?! Seems to me as though you're looking for someone to blame!:lol: Sending others (men, women, children dogs and especially teenagers) to buy materials for you always ends in tears, in my experience, unless you hand...
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    Yellowing gloss...... again!

    I don't think 8 weeks is really long enough to tell. Customers expect gloss paint to last years, not weeks and I personally wouldn't trust anything Dulux white and oil-based as far as I could throw it. My vote is either for Johnstone's acrylic satinwood or gloss, or Dulux 10x Trade Satinwood...
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    Dado rail

    I have to say I agree with misterhelpful's advice. I'm a professional decorator and tried frogtape just out of interest - it's not different from any other masking tape, in my view. (Except that it's four times the price!) Plus, all masking tapes work best when both surfaces (protected and to-be...
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    A question about undercoats

    You will need two coats before the gloss if starting with bare wood, but if you buy Berger Primer Undercoat, you only need to buy the one pot!
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    Bathroom / Kitchen paints .. what are the options ?

    You could always try white eggshell for the bathroom/toilet instead of the so-called bathroom paint. it's equally durable and steam proof, within reason. As far as the kitchen is concerned, I would bite the bullet and pay for something greaseproof and scrubbable (the 20 times tougher one or...
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    Stripped pine bannister - wax it? oil? ...varnish??

    If you are going to hang washing over it, you might be better off painting it with gloss or satinwood paint rather than Danish oil. Or for a waterproof finish, use yacht varnish (matt or satin finish).
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    Plaster stuck on skirting board... How to paint?

    You've put up with it for 80 years. What's the hurry?! :D
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    what colours should i use

    This is difficult to visualise. Please can you post a photograph so we can help you better?
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    Need a glass splashback suggestions

    If they are advertised as being suitable for behind cookers then they should be heat-resistant, and if they crack from the heat will be covered under warranty. They are just lumps of fire-glass when all's said and done, and a piece of fire glass that size would not cost £100.
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    Painting coving

    I agree! No need to make work for yourself. I've done that sort of coving with acrylic eggshell before now and it's looked nice. Easy to wipe down, too (not that coving gets a lot of grubby fingerprints, but it does collect dust!)
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    Liquid Sander

    You cannot expect to sand things down without any mess, but I've found that those sponge based flexible sanding blocks create less mess than traditional sandpaper. >Liquid sander sounds like a gimmick -can't see how it would be any less messy!
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    What can I brush on to seal and cover up an old ceiling ?

    If you're not bothered what it looks like, why are you doing anything with it at all?
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    painting new plaster

    Haven't we all! :roll:
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    painting new plaster

    That sounds unnecessarily labour intensive and time-consuming. I'd go with handyman77's advice.