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    Hi all I planned on building a new shed this year but obliviously with the current situation its a bit tough. So, i'm patching up the old one and hoping it will get through one last winter. The roof is leaks quite a lot so I've managed to get a free large piece of plastic sheeting to put over...
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    Garage stud wall and insulation

    Can anyone help with the above? Thanks
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    Garage stud wall and insulation

    Hi All, Just a quick one, I want to insulation part of my garage. I plan to stud wall and insulate with rock wool. Can I just check something? Can I attached the stud walls directly to the brick and then fill with insulation or do I need to leave a small gap between the brick and stud...
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    Hi Guys, I’m converting my garage into a min recording studio. The garage is completely detached from the property. As its currently a cold flat roof, I’ve been advised to add the insulation to the top of the roof rather than inside essentially making this a warm flat roof. I’ve been quoted...
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    New flat roof - which one to choose

    HI All, I need to replace my dormer flat roofs but I'm not sure which is the best option. I have been quoted reasonable price for both Fibreglass and a Fatra flat roof system which is a PVC stabilised single ply membrane. The single ply roofer suggests this is the best stuff out there as it...
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    Damp on one inside garage wall - climbing flower

    thanks Deluks, do you think this is whats causing the damp?
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    Damp on one inside garage wall - climbing flower

    Have uploaded an image to give you an idea. My thoughts are that the wall has no room to breath hence the damp on the inside. My mrs wants to keep this so I'm thinking if I take if off the wall and give it 2 feet gap it may help. Thanks
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    Damp on one inside garage wall - climbing flower

    Hi Guys, I have a detached single brick garage with a felt roof. This is a 1980's build with a concrete floor and a does have a damp proof course in the floor. As far as I can see there is no leaking through the roof but one of the walls is always damp. The only difference I can see is...
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    condensation on rockwool - need to put up vapour barrier

    thanks. Essentially half of the garage has been stud walled off, 4x2 for the walls and new 2x7 ceiling joists inter weaved between the current ones. The walls and ceiling are 2 inches from the brick wall and exisiting ceiling, so the new stud frame does not touch the currnet walls or ceiling...
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    condensation on rockwool - need to put up vapour barrier

    Guys, I have recently insulated my garage with Rockwool. Unfortunately, I have not yet had chance to put the vapour barrier up and there is a bit of condensation on the Rockwool in the ceiling. I am trying to ventilate this as much as possible but opening doors etc but do I have to wait...
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    they would but the holes will be at the back of the garage so cannot be seen unless you walk around the back
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    many thanks
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    Hi all, I need to have some air flow in my garage. Is it ok to simply drill some holes in the brick and cover with a vent cover? Many thanks
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    Studio conversion - Vapour barrier?

    Hi All, Just in the process of converting my garage into a studio and I’m just trying to get some help on vapour barriers. This is how the garage looks at the moment: Walls = Brick wall – 2inch air gap – 4X2 Stud wall filled with 100mm rockwool. Ceiling = Joists filled with 100m...
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    Converting my garage into a music studio and need advice!

    Deluks is correct; you need to build a free standing stud wall which is not touching the existing garage. You essentially need to build a room within the room. The roof needs to be replaced with a few layers of OSB, as thick as you can get it but you will need to check your existing ceiling...
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    1980 garage build

    Hi All, Just trying to establish what timber has been used for my garage roof. It’s a 1980 build. I’m presuming there is a layer of OSB under the felt roof. However, as there is no insulation in the joists so I can also see a second layer of some sort of timber sheet. I’m assuming it’s the...
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    soundproofing advice needed

    Hi David, Essentially you need to build a new stud wall and ensure it is decoupled from the existing wall. You can so this by using resilient channels or by completely decoupling the new walls (so they do not touch the wall or ceiling). This is second very difficult though. Soundproofing...
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    Garage recording studio conversion - Roof and Vapour barrier

    Hi All, I’m currently in the process of converting my garage into a recording studio. This essentially means building another room with the garage completely decoupled from the existing structure. The garage is single brick build with a standard flat roof covered with felt. The new room...
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    Which ceiling joists to use?

    sorry to post again Tony, I'm just wondering due to height restrictions in the garage would there be any shorter timber I could use for example 3 x 5's 16 on centre or do they always have to be something by 2? thanks
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    Which ceiling joists to use?

    thank very much, a local surveyor was going to charge me £220 as he said he would need to do some tricky calculations due to the fact that I was using heavy soundbloc. You've saved me time and money....very much appreciated