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    Common drain problem ( pump )

    All pipes are clear, theres water down to the pump all the time. no blockage. The pump is making a sound that obviously is suggesting that its doing something. The outlet hose is totally unblocked. I place the outlet hose like i said and it works.
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    Common drain problem ( pump )

    Well all i know is, is that ive been trying to sort this problem out for the last 2+ months. Taken the pipes apart and no blockage at all (100% clear). Even changing the pump didnt fix it, but low and behold i made the first foot of hose not exceed 1ft, so it is a 'c' shape tied to the back of...
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    Common drain problem ( pump )

    I have noticed on these forums many people having similar problems with their water draining. I had similar problem with my washing machine. So after finding the reason i have decided to post it here in hope that it answers many posts in these forums. After looking around in various forums i...
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    I have same problem on my Hotpoint WD61. I checked all outlet pipes and there were no blockages. I found that it would work once or twice after emptying the machine by lowering the outlet drain pipe. I assumed it was the pump, as it was making a humming/buzzing sound when it was trying to...