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    Help joining 40mm pipe to 32mm?

    Hi. My plumber fitted a waste from my sink to an existing outside pipe. He joined them using a 40mm 90 degree connector (corner of the house) but I have since realised that whilst his pipe is 40mm, the pipe it is joining to is 32mm and so leaks and will not stay connected. Is there an easy...
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    Can I extend beyond the 4m?

    Thanks for the replies. Appreciate there is very little information, but just wanted to know if there is any point even asking, or if 4m was the limit regardless as most of the website seem to indicate. From your answers, it looks like itmay be worth asking the question.
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    Can I extend beyond the 4m?

    Hi There is already a double storey extension of around 3m on our detatched house, and I would like to extend further. Is it possible to get permission for say 5m, or is it only ever 4m and nothing further? Thanks for any advise. KB