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    cctv advise

    Hi there Are you thinking of domes with Night vision (IRs)? I ask because a lot of the cheaper domes with IRs that i have come across are terrible, the IRs seem to spread out more due to the "dome" shape and provide far less night vision than they state. I would personally use a small...
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    CCTV DVR + 4 Cam Kits

    Hi Co... Just FYI, the DVR you were looking at from ebuyer, also offers the ability to view it over the internet. The main difference between the ebuyer & cctvdirect kits seem to be the improved cameras with cctvdirect. Good Luck
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    CCTV 4 camera system

    lol sorry, i should have read the entire thread :P my bad!
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    CCTV cameras with RJ45 connectors

    Not sure it would work as i have never used, but there are RJ45 to BNC "Baluns" available which i know a lot of installers use when they want to use CAT5 cable instead of RG59. Maybe this would be suitable for you, not sure were you can buy from but there is sure to be lots of websites...
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    CCTV 4 camera system

    Hi Like has been mentioned, most professional cameras are not fitted with audio. However, as long as the DVR has audio inputs, could you not simply fit external mics where you want to pick up sound and connect them to the dvr and assign it to a camera? I mean, a purpose built microphone...
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    Advice needed on which cable to use for CCTV

    hi guys, i'm sure i heard somewhere before you can only run 100mA of power down cat5 cable. is this true? because it seems a lot of you are reccommending cat5 for video & power, but obvioulsy if the camera needs more than 100mA it would not work. can someone please confirm or correct...
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    CCTV - Whats the rules on where I can put it?!

    hi i know this is an old topic, but just read through, and i would personally think about what Blondini suggested. If you can see the actual garage from your house, then simply put the camera on your house and choose a suitable lens. If you cant, then i would make sure the camera on the...