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    Insulating/boarding a stone wall questions.

    I've always been very dubious about using foam to stick plasterboard (or insulated board) to walls. Boards are heavy! You could batten and screw the boards to that. I've done that a lot here, to stone walls that are in worse shape (so harder to get fixings into).
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    Joining sleepers

    I tend to countersink for the sake of tidyness. I also use washers to avoid the head itself sinking into the timber.
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    variation to a condition in a planning approval notice

    Did the application include reducing the ground level? I am not an expert, but it seems to me that if the application did including lower the ground and that has been done then the development has been started.
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    New build- blocking neighbours windows & boundary query

    More on right to light here: To quote "The most common problem is where the neighbour has a window to the side of their house to which the light is blocked by a high wall".
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    Underfloor Heating Flow Rate/Valve

    I think your pump is upside down. It should be pumping from the mixing valve towards the flow side of the manifold. You have a very similar looking manifold and mixing valve to mine. The difference with mine is that the pump and mixing valve are on the left of the manifold with mine. See...
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    Looking for a good MOT Testing station in Oswestry, Shropshi

    Which is why I use Motorcare, which does have an Oswestry postcode, but may be a bit far for someone who actually lives in Oswestry!
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    Looking for a good MOT Testing station in Oswestry, Shropshi

    For my Ford I use Furrows. For my other vehicles I use
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    Like for like under PD in conservation area

    Michael Portillo's constituency IIRC!
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    Like for like under PD in conservation area

    Best thing to do is speak to the local conservation officer. When I lived in a conservative area in a London borough I wanted to replace the nasty replacement windows that had been fitted with new double glazed timber sash ones. I wrote the conservation officer a letter clearly explaining...