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    wash mac hot+cold feed vs cold only feed- discussion, argument, debate

    Well, after a full day of ply-lining and tiling a bathroom floor and replacing the ceramicware, planing down n rehainging the door, trimming the bath panel etc. I returned to notre maison to hang the new bi-fold door to the understair cubby, grouted the countertop tiles and as luck would have...
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    wash mac hot+cold feed vs cold only feed- discussion, argument, debate

    Brilliant! Thanks for your comments and contributions. Particularly you, Big-all. Are you available to come round and undertake a full energy efficiency audit on our house. I'll ask the treasurer. I'm sure that she will extend the same generous terms of renumeration for your efforts as she...
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    wash mac hot+cold feed vs cold only feed- discussion, argument, debate

    I have an ongoing argument with someone who shall remain nameless.... suffice to say she is the most awkward and picky customer in the world, but I shall concede... the most patient. After all, I fitted our well overdue replacement kitchen over 3 months ago and I still haven't grouted the...
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    Recommend Me A Combi Please?

    Please don't shout at me... I've only scanned the replies. I've had a bad day. Has anyone mentioned the importance filters, make sure the system is as clean as possible, dont forget to reinhibit after draining down to splash some emulsion on the walls behind the rads, or make sure it's serviced...
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    What about about restoring earth bonding if plastic is used? Especially when clamping steel sinks back to copper regardless of the DHW CW supplies to taps etc. If aleterations are run on in push fit? Or is this the sparkies job!?
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    What is involved in a power flush?

    JBR Not you again! Have you got yaself some Bury (Lancashire) black puddings yet? I'm still trying to convert the Yerkies to the ways and thoughts.. cultured.. principled... cotton not wool.... but they are stoicly resolute in their ways. I managed to get an extra 50p outa one Yorkies hands the...
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    Is my gas pipe dangerous

    PS. How difficult is it to use a permanent marker on a floor to indicate the run of gsp/chp/or wsp!? So sum numparty doesn't drive a nail or screw thru em!?
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    Is my gas pipe dangerous

    It's dangerous if 1. The joists are notched out too deeply and compromise the structural integrity of the loadbearing capability of the floor. 2. Even more dangerous if the joists are not notched deeply enough and the boards are not refixed and are actually rocking on the pipe. (notwithstanding...
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    Differing toilet pipe sizes

    keep the filling valve instead of suffering the ambarrasment of screwfix counter person saying "Screwfix says no!" Buy another flexi the correct sized for the shank. The pipe feed end will still be 1/2"-15mm!
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    Pressure relief valve

    OOOPS!!!! :shock: ditto Dan..... if you don't know what you are doing get sum1 in who does know!
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    Pressure relief valve

    The PRV releases excess pressure. It is a safety feature. You should not use it to vent excess pressure when re-filling the system. If you overpressurise....find a drain cock and drain the system it down to nominal filling pressure cold. Make sure that all of the rads are bled lowest to highest...
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    CH system boiling over into header tank. help please

    Hmmm! some rads may be working ish... Are they banging hot? If not may just be heating on conduction, not circulation. PUMP!? Possible. If steam is turning the area of your f&e tank into a sauna.... may be pump. Careful it doesn't melt your float cos if it melts your tank will overflow! Just...
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    Best radiator for cold bathroom?

    Towel ladders look good. Nice warm fluffy towels when you step out of the shower.... and on to a cold tiled floor in a cold room because effectively the heat emittor has got a jacket (towel) over it and cannot put out the heat into the room required to raise it to a comfortable level. The...
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    Tank Overflow

    The smaller F&E tank takes up any of the additionally expanded water from your central heating system. Upon replacing the filling (ballcock) valve you may find that the warning overlow pipe may spillover a little initially, but should settle down. However!... If the coil in your immersion...
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    prepping and painting external ply/softwood portico

    Nice weather tomorrow.... hopefully!? I will be painting an external portico. The present paintwork is in a very sorry state. Flaky paint in a nutshell. Exposed areas of underlying ply. Approximately equal to 2 full 8x4 sheets of ply in area edged with timber battons. I think that a belt sander...
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    Cleaning porc saniware... can't use bleach!? Any tips?

    Not that I ever ever light up in the building... that's not allowed... after all nicotine and fumes (nasty) I'm a social lepper....
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    Cleaning porc saniware... can't use bleach!? Any tips?

    Apparently it isn't the bleach that is the issue in itself. The cleaners are supplied with latex gloves. Cleaning and flushing thru to dispose of the bleach would nominally suffice. But even 3 4 5 6 7 litre flushes wouldn't dispose of allo the bleach. (you know.... curry night before and floater...
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    Cleaning porc saniware... can't use bleach!? Any tips?

    The location is Mannsfield so I spose scale could be an issue. I'll bear that in mind thanks.
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    Cleaning porc saniware... can't use bleach!? Any tips?

    I know that it sounds ridiculous. But even the cleaners are sent on courses about how to use a vacuum cleaner. Apparently they have to fully uncoil the extension lead and hoover towards the socket outlet. They can see the lead and wont pull it out of the socket and shout at people to take care...
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    Cleaning porc saniware... can't use bleach!? Any tips?

    I occasionally carry out plumbing work for a commercial entertainment company. The usual... blocked loos, dripping taps, kapput circ pumps etc etc. They have a problem with tide marks in WC pans but they are not allowed to use bleach (H&S doesn't allow it) Any ideas??? Ta very in advance!!! :D