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  1. scruffybiker

    Rising damp?

    Just hack it off and replace in lime, its hygroscopic salts leaching out of the plaster which draws moisture into it when humidity levels rise. Ive got a few spots of this in my old victorian house. In places where water cant physically get! Its merely salts...
  2. scruffybiker

    Advise on new build damaged brick

    What an absolute pile of s**t, if that's the "quality" of the brickwork. Good luck. A snagging company would have a field day. Why do people buy these hell holes?
  3. scruffybiker

    (New) Porch pulling away from house

    Terraced houses built on concrete slabs? **** me sideways. I can tell you something for free. Victorian and early era houses ARE NOT built on concrete . Corbelled stone or brick. Is all you will ever see .
  4. scruffybiker

    Loft conversion for storage/small office space

    Ok, thanks for the info. Shame there is no way to do it to regs still without creating more head height.
  5. scruffybiker

    Loft conversion for storage/small office space

    Hello, The way our roof is constructed, means the 2 x4 ceiling joists dont sit on the wall plate, but part way up the rafters, traditional roof consisting of a single purlin to each slope & 2 x 4 rafters & ceiling joists.. My wife wants to start a small business online and needs storage space...
  6. scruffybiker

    Damaged brick after removing stone cladding

    get a quote to replace vera's cladding.
  7. scruffybiker


    Call Ghostbusters
  8. scruffybiker

    Damaged brick after removing stone cladding

    Get it rendered with a lime mix.
  9. scruffybiker

    Primer for upvc door

    Hello , Whats the best primer to use on a upvc door so that I can paint it? Thanks
  10. scruffybiker

    Mould in loft

    I had a terrible problem in my loft with condensation and we justcouldn't get rid of it. Turned out my bell of a neighbour had a tumble dryer venting inside the house....and as I live in a old terrace it was leaking through into our loft space.
  11. scruffybiker

    Dampness either side of chimney

    How old is the house? Sometimes salts from the original open fires leach into the masonry then into the plaster. As the salt is hygroscopic it attracts moisture from the air. I had the same in my house. Salt damp
  12. scruffybiker

    Do I need to replace this damaged brick?

    It hasnt fallen down yet - so I take it it's ok? Lol
  13. scruffybiker

    Do I need to replace this damaged brick?

    Hello I've been hitting of some old plaster from my 100 year old fireplace as I wanted to expose the brick. But it seems the brick isn't great - not nice enough to expose anyway so will be plastering it. But I managed to take a larger chunk out one of the bricks. Is it possible to replace the...
  14. scruffybiker

    Builders opening fireplace

    Well it didn't call down lol
  15. scruffybiker

    Builders opening fireplace

    Also is a wire brush a good tool to clean the stone & brick? Thanks
  16. scruffybiker

    Builders opening fireplace

    Hello, We want to install a log burner, so I've been cracking on with removing the plaster up to the Bathstone lintel. The chimney appears to have been bricked up twice. To fully open do I just remove the infils below the lintel? Thanks
  17. scruffybiker

    Fence- £900 too much?

    Hello. So neighbour and I decided to get a concrete post fence put up I left the quote finding to them. They used their builder. We were happy with the quote of £900 total £450 each. The majority of the panels were fine so only needed to replace 3 panels. The fence consists of 10 concrete...
  18. scruffybiker

    Advice broken roof tile. .

    Hello. We had our roof refelted & battened etc last September. It came with a 10 year gaurantee. I was in the garden yesterday and noticed one of the clay double Romans has snapped clean in half. The problem is it's right above our conservatory and i have no idea how to access it. The tile is...
  19. scruffybiker

    Strange blocked drain

    But for the same of a few hours I will pull the laminate up in conservatory just to see if possibly there is a manhole. If also done properly. If not it's 6" under concrete!
  20. scruffybiker

    Strange blocked drain

    Managed to unblock the gully with a simple poundland mop... I made sure the head was extra sturdy with the use of some glue. Didn't want to loose the head. One plunge and it shifted completely! As for the manhole. Im not convinced our conservatory is built over it.Only a 3rd of the houses in our...