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    Mortar for fireplace brickwork

    Ive knocked the plaster off the chimney breast down to bare brick for the new woodburner, the 100 year old bricks are in great nick, after cleaning I'm gonna get someone in to point the brickwork, what shade of mortar mix would look the best in the newly pointed interior brickwork? thanx
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    installing Upvc windows and doors myself.

    Just taken early retirement and decent at diy. my question is would it be too difficult to remove my timber french doors, attached side windows and the frames and replace with Upvc assisted by my big strong son. any specialist tools required? I already own an extensive diy tool kit.
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    advice re loft required

    Im about to lay floor panels in my loft after renewing the insualtion but right across the centre at a right angle to the floor joists if a length of 2 x 1 timber. This runs the whole width of the loft and is nailed to the floor joists. Can this be removed so i can achieve a level floor...
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    Question about flow to a Radiator

    So I would restrict the flow on the 15mm fed rads with their lockshield valves? How will I be able to tell that the 5 groundfloor rads are balanced properly. ta
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    Question about flow to a Radiator

    I have 5 rads groundfloor. if I cut out the 22mmx22mmx10mm tees and replace with 22mmx22mmx15mm on 2 rads would it affect the flow at all on the 3 remainding 10mm fed rads? would I need to balance the flow on the lockshield valves and if so which ones? Thanx
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    Question about flow to a Radiator

    The radiator im about to replace has 10mm copper tube feeding it. For aesthetic reasons i want to replace the 10mm copper with 15mm chrome tube for the new rad. I have a 22mm main under the floorboards groundfloor reducing to 10mm to the rads. Would it be ok to have 22mm (existing) to...
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    Top fit toilet seat.

    I have a toilet that has no access to the underneath fastenings of the seat without removing the whole thing. The seat needs renewing but im finding my local diy outlets dont stock a top fit seat....(tried all local) Does anyone know the best place to get one online or instore and what...
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    Adding a double socket.

    When the double socket is fixed to the wall what would be the best method of creating a channel for the wiring to drop to the subfloor area. Can i do it without removing the skirting board as i've just decorated. thanx.
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    Insulation for a suspended timber floor

    I have sanded my ground floor floorboards and would like to insulate from below to retain heat and stop draughts. I have access to the subfloor with room to work and would like some advise on what method to adopt for best results without excessive costs. thanx
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    which filler to use

    Stripped the wallpaper off the walls and now i want to paint them. Which filler should i use to repair the small holes and cracks in the plaster? when i go to b&q there are dozens of fillers. Any other preperation tips that would be useful to me before painting?. walls look in decent nick...
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    New toilet seat

    Thanks for the advise. So it seems i can remove the seat from above without having to have access from underneath to hold anything, shame i have to change out seat just for a broken support plastic. when i loosen off the screws the seat will come out no prob, so i guess i need a new seat with...
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    New toilet seat

    One of the white plastic cushioning supports on the underside of the seat has broken into bits, so when you sit down the seat slews to one side. Can I purchase these supports anywhere?. If not How do you fit a new toilet seat to a toilet which has only two holes in the top and no access from...
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    isolating the bedroom shower in a barrett house.

    Hi, My sons shower will not turn off, its located in the main bedroom of a barrett house built in 2002. It is a Hydramax (aqualisa) model and he has been told he needs a new cartridge. Problem is in the meantime how does he isolate the shower water supply. he has had to turn the main off to...
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    advise required

    thanx for the advise everyone. yes it was a high fault current which found a bad neutral wire and made it open circuit. in loft above bathroom. said offending wiring getting rewired tomorrow. thanx again
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    advise required

    thanx for the reply. should i go around the upstairs rose connections to look for a bad joint that has gone open circuit?, is that were i should look? Should i see some kind of witness marks on the joint? should the fuse have blown first? Uncle who is a spark is coming down tomorrow...
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    advise required

    thanx for your interest. i dont have a voltage tester, my wife has verified that my son just fitted the light bulb in his room and it didnt work, and lights that were on upstairs went off. he wouldn mess with wiring, and when i checked the rose all connections were good and sound. this...
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    advise required

    any advise on whether these downlights could be the cause. they mains voltage, i remember each of the 5 lights were wired into a box in the loft, is this boxed fused? Thanx
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    advise required

    thanx again for your advise. The bathroom is right above the consumer unit in the hall. i had downlights fitted in the bathroom last year, and remember all the supply to the upstairs lighting comes into the loft above the bathroom, so i think the downlights are first in the loop. If a surge...
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    advise required

    if i have power to downstairs lighting and all lighting runs off the same fuse, then wont the problem be elsewhere, as i said it went off upstairs when my son put a bulb in his bedroom, but rose wiring seems fine. thanx
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    advise required

    i have only 1 5amp lighting fuse, surely downstairs would be off too?. i dont want to swap with a higher rated fuse eg upstairs main and try do i, thought that might be unsafe. thanx