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    Stench In Flat Due To Cooking Any Advice Guys?

    Hi Guys, my daughter just moved into a council flat and every room has an unpleasant stench of fish and spices, does anyone have have any advice on how to get rid of the ingrained smell without repainting. She is not going to be there long term so she does not want to spend time and money...
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    Crack In UPVC Front Door

    Hi Guys. Can anyone suggest a way to repair this to a good standard. Im in a private rented house. As far as i know contents insurance wont cover this. Is there an easy way to repair it. Many thanks. It was not me who did the damage but im told i am liable for it.
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    Candle Wax On Linoleum & Damage To Stair Carpet - Moving Out Rented House

    Hey guys I am moving out of my house , my landlord has had a look around my house to let me know what i need to fix before i leave. He noticed a worn area on a vertical area of the stair carpet and is insisting i have to attend to this before i leave. To be honest i have no idea if it was there...
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    Lawn In Bad Shape - Moving Out Rented House - How Can I Fix?

    Hi Guys. Im going to be moving out my rented accomodation in 1 months time. My back lawn is in a poor state and the landlord is likely to ask for a re-turf or something extreme. We have had a few run ins so he is not going to do me any favours or be sympathetic. The spell of hot dry weather...
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    MDF Sanding - Is It Possible - Fish Tank Stand Repair - Water Damage

    Hi Guys I just bought an ex display black Red Sea Reefer 450 (5ft/1.5m) fishtank and cabinet for a bargain price. I knew the cabinet and doors had bad wear and tear but i thought i could tart it up a bit. When i got it home and looked under the cabinet i could see the bottom of the end panels...
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    Oak Chest Of Drawers - Can It Be Bought Flatpack?

    As per my other thread regarding splitting my headboard to get it up my stairs, im now looking for a flatpack chest of drawers made from decent oak wood, i dont want ikea quality and i dont mind if its pricey. I already sent a 4 drawer chest back as it wont go up, a 3 drawer would not fit either...
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    New Wooden Headboard Needs Split In 2 Professionally, Joiner Or DIY?

    I live in a rented old cottage house type property, the staircase is stupidly designed and only small things can go upstairs ie my bedside cabinets, the 90 degree bend at the bottom makes it impossible for some furniture to get upstairs. I already have had to send a chest of drawers back because...
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    Heating Not Coming On When Stat Is Turned Up - Baxi duo-tec 28 he

    This fault exists with the newer wall thermostat and it happened with the older dodgy one. When the thermostat clicks on sometimes the boiler does not fire up for the heating. Its an intermittent fault and i have the boiler set to on at all times. When the heating does not start i need to go to...
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    I Need Advice On Setting For Boiler & Radiators Please

    Hello Chaps I have recently moved into an old detached property, im renting privately, it has been modernised inside with the walls, new electrics and heating system. I want to ask what i should set the boiler and radiators to and a few other things. Living room - 2 good sized double rads...
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    please delete

    problem solved, mods please delete
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    Come & Have A Dig At The O.P (mega banter thread)

    Hi guys, as per my previous post, my EV is shot, attempts to recharge it did not work. So im considering your advice of fitting an external EV, i think im skilled enough to do some diy...
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    Screeching - Baxi Combi Instant 105e

    My boiler has started screeching, i have been testing it on full blast due to a problem with the expansion vessel, i have recharged the EV and seeing how the boiler performs on full. Usually my CH and HW are set at medium setting so i never knew the noise was there. Now when i run the hot...
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    Baxi Combi Instant 105e - Pressure Dropping 3 Times A Day

    I have the above boiler. This has been an ongoing problem for a long time. It had been fixed by an engineer a few years ago whilst i had boiler cover, but the repair never lasted. Now i have to top up the pressure a few times a day. The water is being passed out the discharge pipe, i checked...
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    Setting Central Heating For Economy In Very Old House

    Hi guys, i recently moved into this house, its an old bungalow style lodge/ gatehouse type property. Im renting it. I was prepared for the higher energy bills but i lost my job and now i need to minimise the gas im using as this house is using alot of gas per day to keep the place warm. The...
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    Fridge No Longer Cold Enough - IGNIS ARL 757

    I have an intergrated fridge freezer the ignis arl757, a few months ago i had to turn it up to max to get the fridge cold enough, now i have noticed the temperature is no no longer cold enough so it needs fixed. Does this sound like something simple i can fix myself or can anyone give me any...
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    BAXI 105E - CH pressure going too high

    hi my baxi 105e was new 2yr 3 months ago when i bought my new house, i had this problem from day 1 and as the builders ignored my snag list and never finished the sote i still have this problem unresolved. when the Ch is on the pressure goes just beyond the 3 bar and leaks out the PRV, the...
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    Kitchen Mono Mixer Tap, wont stop leaking may need new part

    hi, i have a mono mixer tap in my kitchen and its leaked for ages, i finally got round to removing the tap thinking it would need a new washer but its not that simple. The top of the tap leaks water and the up and down and sideways motion was tight and creaky. I took out the inside parts and...
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    i need more power than my 9kw mira sport shower

    i just moved into a new house and the en-suite bathroom has a mira sport 9kw shower but it just does not have enough flow for my liking, as my last houst i had a power shower a triton xt2000 (or something like that) and it was great so this mira is pretty poor in comparison. i have a combi...
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    suggestions please for a cordless drill for diy use

    im in need of a cordless drill as my ferm FCD-2400 has 2 dead batteries. im moving house and a bit of diy will be required also i have a steel shed to assemble and i dont know how much screwing is involved in that. i have seen this CLICKY EBAY and its £35 delivered, not this looks identical...
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    quantity of materials do i need to mix concrete shed floor

    i have a shed on order and requires a base 3.03m x 3.99m (10' x 13') which i intend to make out of concrete, what thickness or floor do i need ? ALso with this depth of floor what amount of cement, sand, chips will i need to make the floor to these sizes? Do i need to lay hardcore first ...