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    Remove rubber seal stuck to basin?

    Hi, I am replacing the pop-up waste on a small basin in my toilet but parts of the old rubber seal are now stuck. Is there a simple way of removing this from the basin without me damaging anything? Thanks in advance. Gerry
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    Tidy up inside window frames

    Hi, Recently moved to a 60 year old bungalow. The walls are narrow cavity and where I am used to the point inside the window being plastered off. In this property it is faced off with some type of fibre board tiles. Picture attached. There is also secondary glazing for soundproofing. What...
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    Replace imperial hinge with metric?

    Hi, I need to change the 16 inch side hung hinges on upvc window. The nearest I can get some is from Screwfix but they are metric and and 1 cm longer. Will these be ok or will I have a problem? Thanks for any advice. Gerry
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    Miele w989i door hinges

    Hi, We have recently moved house and the kitchen has built in appliances. The washing machine door will not close without slamming it. We were told by the previous owner that it was a problem that started when the rubber door seal was changed. The elderly lady had the machine maintained by...
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    Handrinse basin for small toilet?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good quality compact wash basin? I move home on Thursday and the first task is to install one. The toilet is separated from the bathroom and does not have a wash basin. The attached image shows my best option looks like placing the basin opposite the toilet roll...
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    Best quality letter plate for composite door?

    Hi, the Yale branded gold colured letter plate on our 5 year old composite door is corroding very badly. I would idealy like to replace this with a UK made brass letter plate but this may not be as simple as I thought as the cassette type fitted now has a full width opening rather than 2 holes...
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    Best kitchen mixer taps for low pressure (bungalow)

    Hi, when I moved in to this bungalow and changed the old kitchen, I made the mistake of fitting a ceramic valve mixer tap (Astracast). I quickly learned this was a mistake as there was no hot water pressure and fitted a standard Bristan mixer. This was fine for 6 years but recently the cold...
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    Composite door beading discoloured

    Hi, we changed our external doors from upvc to composite a few years ago. We had been advised this type of door was better and would not discolour. However, the beading around the glazed panels has turned from white to a distinct cream colour. If as I suspect this beading will be excluded...
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    fitting shower door in alcove. Stepped floor?

    Hi, I am changing the shower curtain for a pivot door. The width is 855cm so I am looking at an adjustable type from Coram. My problam is I had to tile one side of the shower tray to fill a gap. This is slightly raised for the water to run in to the shower tray. What can I use to make a...
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    Gas fire - service or change?

    Hi, not a DIY question as I am not stupid about gas. I moved in to my bungalow 7 years ago but have never used the gas fire as it has not been serviced since I moved in. I went looking for a new gas fire today as we are planning to redecorate the room. I am limited to type because the...
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    Wish to replace satchwell TLX 2259

    Hi, satchwell TLX 2259 is now over 25 years old and I do not believe it is working accurately. I intend to change to a simple digital option (no wireless) I wish to keep mains power not battery. I am considering a Honeywell DT90E but this gets poor reviews on Amazon as it is allegedly...
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    Composite door (heavy) problem?

    Hi, In the summer our front door had been replaced for a new composite door by a local guy who runs a small business who had been recommended to us. The old door had a similar sized window at the side. We were advised that the property would look better if the door was centralized with...
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    Air in hot water flow.

    Hi Folks, I moved home last year and changed kitchen and bathrooms myself and British Gas did the boiler change (standard condensing as I wanted to keep airing cupboard). I have a problem of hot water flow stalling and spluttering from the mixer tap in the kitchen (air in system?). No...
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    2 way - 2 gang switch problems!

    Help please. I have replaced the light swithches in my home. This has been fine apart from the switches in the hall. I have changed the Crabtree switches for MK (new compact terminal design) and having noted the wiring positions ( L1, L2 & COM) I find that the hall light switching did not...
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    John lewis eletric oven and hob

    Hi Folks, sorry if you are sick of this question. I have read many of the similar threads and want to get this right. I intend putting a seperate single oven and hob where old freestanding cooker was. 30amp mcb feeds cooker switch from CU. I realise this will only feed the hob John...
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    Glow Worm Fuelsaver 60 mkII too old?

    Hi, my first post. Moved home last month. Had boiler serviced (Glow worm Fuelsaver MkII installed in 1986). No major problems found (property had been empty for two years). Advised to change boiler as it was not a condensing type and to get a combi boiler. Verbal quote of £2k to change...