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    22 metre rule

    Hello Searching for information on distance between houses for new builds, it seems a lot of councils specify a 22m gap between two habitable rooms and 13m between a habitable room and a blank wall, e.g. Is this a national...
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    Felt roof nail holes

    Hello We build a self assembly log cabin four years ago. It came with a felt roof and we followed the instructions on nailing the felt down. Yesterday we noticed a couple of small leaks inside the log cabin. Looking at the roof today, the felt is broken around several of the nails, see photos...
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    Trees on development site

    Hello We are planning to build a detached garage on an area of land that has three large trees (about 15m tall). I think BS 5837 requires that we have a tree survey done. As the trees do not have TPOs and we are not in a conservation area, I think there is nothing to stop us having the trees...
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    Dial electricity meter

    Hello We have a dial style electricity meter in our house. Our provider claims that it was installed in 2002. I thought these were phased out long before that. Is it possible that it was installed in 2002? Thanks
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    Outdoor tiling

    I am building a brick bbq and want to use up some old kitchen tiles, by tiling part of the back of the bbq (well away from the grill). Will this work and is it best to use tile cement or brick cement? Tile cement - looks better, but not designed for outdoors? Brick cement - designed for...
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    Open fire in existing fireplace

    We recently bought a house that has a fireplace opening with a constructional hearth. We have had the chimney cleaned and smoke tested. We would like to place fireboard around the inside of the fireplace opening, lay a new outer and inner hearth and use a fire basket for an open fire. The fire...
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    Front door locking mechanism

    Hello We moved house about 6 months ago. The house we moved into has three external UPVC doors that appear to have the same type of locks/handles. When we moved in the two back doors were locked and unlocked by first lifting up the handles and then turning the key. The front door behaved like...
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    Light in shed

    I want to put a light in a garden shed. I am thinking of buying a length of armoured cable, run it from the house, under the floor through a trench in the garden to the shed and then put a plug on the house end and a socket on the shed end to plug a light into. In effect it is like a fixed...
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    Outbuilding roof garden

    Hello We are considering buying a terraced house that has a very steep sloping rear garden. It is similar to the picture for number 2 "sloping natural ground level" in the following link...