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    Crumbled and cracked concrete floor

    Hi Over the past few years the floor in garage have eroded Away not sure why but want to patch it up without replacing the whole floor. What can I use to repair solidly that won’t crack easily? Thanks
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    Tiling garage floor

    Hi, want to hard tile the garage floor rather than soft mat it or paint it. Hopefully make the cleaning of it a lot easier than the rough concrete surface. I don’t think there is a dpm under the concrete but will have to use the SLC to get it all level first. Is there any advice before I put...
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    Zanussi Lindo 300 ZWF01483W Issue

    Hi, Recently have had an issue with this washing machine where it would stop on the start of the spin cycle, say 15 minutes before the end and then just like pause. Checked online and went into the diagnostic mode (pressing the rightmost buttons, powering on and then pressing P) and it shows no...
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    Worcester Bosch 35cdi Leak

    Hi all Started to get a leak from underneath this boiler last few days. The pressure isn’t dropping on the system so assume it’s the inlet that’s leaking. Water is clear-ish as well. I’ve opened it up and taken some pics of the leak below to see where the leak is coming from. Any advice...
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    Paving Seal

    Hi, been reading numerous posts about sealing block paving. I am heading towards the Poly based seal like Resiblock. My brindle block paving was laid about 5 years ago and is due a jet wash and re-sand but want to seal it this time round. Im after a gloss/wet finish (2 coats?) so any advice...
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    Xpelair Premier CF20T

    Hi, got this extractor fan installed in bathroom. It’s about 3 years old. The 3rd we’ve had since we brought it as every one develops this fault. It has a humidistat which kicks in and operates as normal. But after a few mins it kind of grinds to a halt and then it sounds like it’s struggling to...
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    Texecom Exit Error

    Hi, I have a Texecom Premier Elite, normal setup with no contact sensors or fobs, just PIRs. So when i activate the alarm and get the message 'Area in exit A', sometimes it stays on this and the tone never stops so assume the alarm never sets. What i think it could be is that when i walk to the...
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    Change door lock

    Hi, I have this lock on the bathroom door but want to change it to a thumb lock (is that what you call it) where there is no actual key, just a turning knob. I don’t suppose there is a way to change it without changing the handle?
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    Gap at top of uPVC door

    Hi, I have a back door and over the weekend noticed that there is a gap at the top where the door meets (or is supposed to meet) the rubber seal. I can feel a draft and can also slide a card into the gap. I have adjusted doors in the past to align them vertically but never had to close the gap...
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    Texecom ComIP Smartkey Issue

    Hi, A few weeks ago I had installed a ComIP on my system using a hard wired connection. Entered in all the details required like UDL and IP address and port. I have the iOS Texecom Keypad app and lets me log in (got the dark blue icon), check the logs, etc. But when i try to use the SmartKey...
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    Levelling off plasterboard joints

    Hi, I am overboarded the loft rafters and am now in the process of plasterboarding. I am screwing in the plasterboard into the rafter beams through the insulation. My problem is that on some joins, the is a ridge of up to 5mm - seems a bit too much to level off via skimming. Its mainly down to...
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    Leaking brickwork

    Hi I have a leak somewhere in the front top window and I think the source is some flat brickwork. As in attached pictures, there is a row of bricks at the top. Behind this is a slope roof which is properly sealed. There is no leak on the ceiling underneath but only leaks at the top of the...
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    Retractive switch problem

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help. I have this plate: But the holes don’t line up with a standard meta back box: They sell this...
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    Wired smart alarm system options

    Hi I’m looking into upgrading my old alarm system which currently has Texecom pir sensors, panic button and an Optima control box. I have 2 siren boxes one on front and one at the back. I would like the new system to utilise the current sensors and 2 siren boxes but would like to be app...
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    Ceiling support after breast removal

    Hi I’m going to get a builder in to remove a couple of chimney breasts (stacks already removed) but wanted to know if the builder will be doing things right. What is the way to support both ceilings after removal? At the moment the ceilings are resting on a lip on the chimney breast.
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    Cleaning Gutters From ground

    Hi, I been getting up on the ladder last few years to clean out the gutters. It’s about 20ft high and can get messy. So was wondering if there is a extendable hose pipe attachment with a curved top end to help clean from the ground. I’ve seen shorter ones but nothing like 20ft + Thanks in advance.
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    CCTV Camera gone Black and White

    Hi, One camera on my setup (16ch NVR Qvis Quattro) has gone black and white. It was working perfectly, but since it lost colour, i have checked connections at DVR end/cleaned the lens/Flashed light into the sensor (which didnt activate colour mode)/covered and uncovered the lens to hear the...
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    Ony-x Apollo 4x NVR beeping

    Hi, I have an NVR which has been ok for the past few years. It has a fixed internal IP with Port Forwarding setup on my router in order for me to access from anywhere via the Web/Mobile device via a dyndns service. Recently, it has been dropping off the network and unreachable from internal...
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    carpet-tiling Loft flooring

    Hi, I am looking to carpet tile the loft to make it a usable space. I was told by a fitter than i don't have enough clearance to get a carpet roll through - hence wanting to get it tiled. My dilemma is whether to buy Milliken tiles for extra softness and more expense or to buy normal carpet...
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    Electric loft ladders

    Hi, has anyone got experience of any / recommend electric loft ladders? Thanks in advance.