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    opened gas pipe by mistake - what action needed?

    I had a dripping water pipe. It was in a cramped space, so I needed to temporarily remove an adjacent pipe to adjust it. The next-door pipe looked exactly the same - however, when I loosened the isolator-valve connector, it was obvious it was a gas pipe, not a water pipe. I quickly tightened...
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    Problem re-fitting monobloc tap after replacing connectors

    A tap connector to my monobloc bathroom tap has started leaking where it joins to the tap. The existing tap connectors are rigid 10mm pipes, which were bent into shape to connect with the 15mm pipes which supply the water. I want to replace these with flexible connectors as I find these...
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    Tap connections - copper vs flexible - can I switch?

    I have bought a monobloc mixer kitchen tap, (Franke Eiger brand) and have tried to fit it myself. However, there are two 230mm straight copper connectors on the tap which are slightly smaller than those on the previous model. So there is gap between the pipe fittings. It strikes me that...