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    Wilo Pump Setting

    Hi, We have a Kingspan Tribune Xe unvented hot water cylinder with internal thermal expansion. The boiler is an Ideal H24. The house was built in 2019 and the heating system has 2 zones, upstairs and downstairs, feeding normal radiators with thermostatic valves. The Wilo pump in the airing...
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    Downlight Heat

    Hi, I posted a question about the recommended wattage of LED bulbs recently and the answers made me check other fittings in the house! I've noticed that the Deta downlights in the bathroom get very hot. The bulb, holder and chrome facia are all affected. Is this normal for this type of...
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    Spotlight Bar - LED Light Bulbs

    Hi, Can anyone help with suggesting LED light bulbs for this... Healy 3 Light Black Spotlight Bar | Dunelm The box recommends E27, Round LED, Maximum 5.5 Watts. Ideally I would want higher wattage bulbs as I'm concerned that the enclosed design of the light fitting will reduce the spread of...
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    UPVC Door Restrictors/Stays

    Hi, I'm looking for some good quality door restrictors/stays for our UPVC french doors. Having looked at lots of versions on the internet, they all look very similar but I expect the quality is variable. Can anyone recommend any particular make? I'd rather spend a few extra quid to get a good...
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    Attaching Tall Unit to Plasterboard Wall

    Hi, I'm about to attach these John Lewis units to a plasterboard wall in our new build house. I plan to do as per the instructions and connect the units together (using the supplied connectors) and then attach them to the plasterboard wall. There are 2 brackets at the top of each unit - you...
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    Pressure Relief Valve

    Hi, I've got water dripping through the tundish on my megaflo system. Quite a stream of water is coming out of the overflow pipe. I've recharged the air gap and still have the issue. The water is cold so is not coming from the pressure relief valve on the cylinder. It continues to drip even if...
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    Loft Lighting

    Hi, I'm looking to improve the lighting in my loft. CPC offer some good options, but I need some advice when choosing between a floodlight and a batten light... 30W LED Floodlight 30W LED Batten Light ...unless anyone can recommend an alternative? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks
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    Soil Stack

    Hi, I'm in the process of designing a new layout for our bathroom and have a question about soil stacks. My house has a downstairs cloakroom, main bathroom and ensuite. The bathroom and ensuite both have soil stacks that go into the loft and have insulated air admittance valves. I'm not sure...
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    Auto Air Vent

    Hi, The last thing on my list... I'm trying to source a good quality auto air vent for my airing cupboard. Again, there are loads of cheap auto air vents online, but they all seem to be unbranded and I'm concerned about the quality. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
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    Stopcock - 22mm

    Hi, I'm trying to source a good quality 22mm stopcock for my airing cupboard. There are loads of cheap 22mm stopcocks online, but they all seem to be unbranded and I'm concerned about the quality. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
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    Expansion Vessel

    Hi, My Varem 12 litre expansion vessel is leaking and has been for a while. I've got a plumber coming in to replace some bits and pieces in the airing cupboard, so I'm looking to source a replacement. Can anyone recommend a good reliable brand, or have I just been unlucky with the Varem? I...
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    Drayton Motorised Valve - See Pictures

    Hi, The actuator on my old ACL Drayton Lifestyle 28mm motorised valve 779H335-30L10 has finally failed. This valve is now obsolete, so I'm looking to buy a complete replacement. After doing a bit of research, the direct replacement is a ZA6/779-2 - also 28mm. I've also found a ZA5/679-2 -...
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    Which Hinge?

    Hi, The hinges on the shutters of my son's playhouse have started to deteriorate and break at the join - I think they're meant for interior use only! I'm trying to source some replacements/alternatives - they would need to allow the shutters to fully open. The attached pictures should...
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    Bathroom Soil Pipe Connections - See Pictures

    Hi, I've started the process of updating our bathroom and have a query on soil pipe connections... The existing soil pipe connections will need amending/replacing as the bath waste entered the soil pipe above the floor and I'm hoping to use a slimline shower tray where the waste will obviously...
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    Shower Fixing Brackets/Plates?

    Hi, I've got a Grohe thermostatic bar shower valve that I will be fitting into a stud wall. I'm getting conflicting advice regarding using shower fixing brackets/plates - or not! Any opinions about the best way to fit a shower into a stud wall. I'm not too worried about the cost, I just want...
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    Low Hot Water Pressure + Varem Expansion Vessel Leaking!

    Hi, I have a 16 year old Megaflow pressurised system - installed when the house was built. The hot water pressure has dropped slowly over the last few days. If having a shower the pressure is very low for the first few minutes and gradually improves but never gets up to normal pressure. After...
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    Bathroom Refit

    Hi, I'm in the process of sourcing kit to refit our bathroom. I have a couple of questions: - We want to swap the toilet and sink units around, this will increase the amount of waste pipework required. I was wondering if I could get the sink waste to empty directly into the toilet waste pipe...
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    Bosch WFX3268GB/11 - Washing Machine

    Machine stopped spinning but was also behaving strange (erratic drum movements). It would spin when empty, but not with clothes on board! Replaced brushes. Motor looks fine, no sign of problems. Put all back together, same problem. Erratic drum movements continue and motor seems to be not...
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    Central Heating Wiring Centre

    Hi, After having a problem with my central heating recently, I had cause to check my wiring centre - see attached picture! I've taken the front blanking panel off - this has holes drilled for the pump, motorised valves and cylinder thermostat wires. I would like to sort the mess out by...
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    Central Heating Tripping Electric

    Hi, My electrics tripped this morning. I have managed to narrow it down to the central heating circuit tripping the RCD. I'm trying to identify what is causing the problem. I've looked at both motorised valves and they look fine although the microswitch on one is sticky and has been...