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    Height of kitchen worktop

    I'm doing up the kitchen in a house that I will be renting out in the future. There are some solid, hand built units which are freestanding, only the sink unit is to any extent fixed. The unit to the left of the cooker will be moved to another wall, and I want to replace it with fixed worktop...
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    Smoke alarm type and location?

    I want to replace a single smoke detector in a house which is currently being done up to be let out as a single residence. I'd like to have at least two mains detectors with battery backup, some of the floors are up but not all and so placement is slightly restricted unless conduit is used or...
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    Plumbers using junction boxes under floors...

    Was walking plumber/heating engineer round on first day of new boiler installation. I said "I'm going to be changing that cable there, it's been wired to that socket in 1.5mm off the ring and the ring has been connected back up between two junction boxes in 1.5mm. And as you know JBs aren't...
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    Washer for a drain cock

    Are they available? It's a light pattern type B. Thanks!