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    Blue gas flame with orange flashes

    The flames of my gas hob all have orange flashes today. It this something that required action? The only other gas appliance is the boiler but there is no viewing window for the flame. I've got 3 carbon monoxide detectors which haven't alerted (2 are mains powered) and thought an oxygen starved...
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    TBOE radiators

    It’s been a few years since I last posted, I hope all the helpful advice is still available Following a house move a now have TBOE radiators. The house is a 1990’s build with an 18 month old boiler. It looks like the inlet pipe to most radiators has been extended at some point for a top inlet...
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    Combi boiler: close heating flow and return safely?

    I have a glow worm UltraCom 30cx combi boiler. Is it safe to close the heating flow and return valves and continue to use the hot water? I have some repairs to radiators and valves I need to do before it gets cold. It may take me an evening or 3 to get it done and the Mrs cannot cope without...
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    Drain heating - keep hot water

    I have a Glow worm Ultracom 30cx combi boiler feeding a sealed heating system. I plan to replace a couple of lock shield valves along with moving a radiator. Is it safe to close the heating feed and return at the boiler to allow me to work on the heating circuit while still having hot...
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    What lock is this?

    I have recently seen a few of these locks in doors, but never been able to find a supplier or even a description of exactly what they are. Any clues world be helpful. Thanks
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    Central Heating cost.

    I am considering purchasing a 1930's 3 bedroom semi detached house. It currently has a water heater in a small airing cupboard in the bathroom and no central heating. Before I make an offer on the house I would like to have a rough idea how much a full central heating system would cost. I am...
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    saggy bricks

    The bricks above my patio door have dropped. When we moved in the patio door was a UPVC window. I am guessing the wall was patched up after it was installed. We had the window changed to a patio door, the installer said everything was OK. It looks to me as if things are still moving, there are...
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    Thermostat battery life

    How long should i expect the batteries in a 2 wire thermostat to last. I am considering the Danfoss RET B.
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    Danfoss TP9 replacement

    I have a Danfoss TP9 programmable thermostat with remote probe and DHW control. It is starting to fail and I want a replacement. I have looked at the new TP9000 and unfortunately this does not support the gravity option which I will need until I can afford to have my fully motorised zone...
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    Faulty fluorescent light

    I have a 5” fluorescent light installed in my shed, it has an electronic ballast. Last night I was out in my shed and the light suddenly went off. I flicked the switch off then on and it came back on – this then happened a further 4 times. I noticed that the longer I left it off for, the longer...
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    Failed my LABC final inspection

    I have rewired my house fully with the exception of the consumer unit which was replaced 3 years ago. Friday was my second LABC visit for a final inspection and sign-off. He checked the main earth, earthing via gas and water pipes, earth on ring final circuits and RCD disconnect values...
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    Leaking radiator tails - new install

    I installed a radiator in my kitchen last night - a single panel from screwfix. The valves are Danfoss RAS-C2 complete with lockshield. I wrapped PTFE around the tapered screw on the tails and tightened them into the radiator about as tight as I would do a compression nut. Plumbed it is and...
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    Need to move main stop tap

    I am completely redoing my kitchen currently. When everything goes back, the stop tap will be behind the washing machine. I want to move it so it can be accessible by removing a plinth below the sink cupboard. I cannot find the stop tap in the street (I can find the cover but there is no tap in...
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    too soon for emulsion tape test?

    On Sunday I painted my ceiling with Wilko kitchen emulsion. It was skimmed with new plaster about a month ago. I watered down the first coat which I applied in the morning, I did a second coat full strength in the evening. Now I want to paint the walls. Is it too soon to put masking tape on...
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    Remove old floor tiles before tiling?

    I hope to file my kitchen floor soon and hope to start preparation tonight. All of my ground floor rooms have an asphalt floor and the kitchen is no different - I peeled back the lino under the cupboards to check. However, when I removed the lino last night I found bare asphalt under the...
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    How many kitchen cupboard lights

    I am nearly ready to buy the light to go under my kitchen wall cupboard. I was planning to use T4 florescent lighting such as these, but I am unsure how many to use. On opposite sides of the kitchen I have wall cupboards 1.2m wide. I have considered the following options 1) 2 of the 6W...
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    Gas cooker connection

    This is a photo of the connector for my gas cooker. I need to move the cooker while the walls are skimmed and the floor is laid. Can I (as a non-CORGI) person disconnect the cooker from this outlet. If so, are there any tips ? Secondly, Can a connector such as this be left...
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    How many large MCBs in a CU

    by large a mean the Amp value. I can easilly see what can physically fit in. For example, could I fit my split load board with 10 x 40A MCBs? even though the RCD is 63A, the main incommer is 100A and my supply fuse is 100A. The above is hypothetical, but my current CU is already...
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    Engraving electrical outlets

    I have some switch outlets I will be installing in my kitchen as part of a rewire (Part P with LABC). Do you know anywhere I can get them engraved with phrases such as 'washing machine', 'fridge', etc? I searched using google to find companies that would do this, but the ones I found would...
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    Markings on pavement

    This is not really a DIY question, but I though this was the right place to find a knowledgable person. Last week the following markings appeared outside my house and the neighbours (both sides of a semi-detached house), and also on the NTL/Virgin cabinet (green box, top photo) outside the...