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    Which hinge do i need?

    :?: I need a hinge for my new internal french doors and I'd like the doors to fully open back on themselves to maximise space. The frame width is 133mm and the door is 35mm and centred in the frame so there is 47mm each side of the frame i need to get around so the doors can fold back on...
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    pitched roof and flat roof ridge detail

    Hello there Ive had some excellent help in the past and i'm hoping someone will help with this dilemma. I have battened a pitched roof which has a flat roof area at the top. The flat roof runs right to left and has a 45mm fall over 2.4 meters and the ridge need to be tiled but because the...
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    Cost to lay Indian Sandstone.

    I'm looking at putting roughly 100m2 of Indian Sandstone on my property and i'm wondering what the labour cost of this would be. There is a small patio area of around 25m2 then the rest goes around the house at a meter wide. I will prepare the land for Sandstone and will supply it also, so...
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    How to cut roof tile on dormer cheek.

    Could someone kindly explain how this is done. The cheeks have been battened but i can't work out how to do a nice cut that fits snug to the roof. Any help appreciated. 8)
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    Dormer window cost

    Hello there. I have planning for a 2x2 meter dormer window and i have been quoted £4000 for the work, is this a fair price? It is a hip style roof with tiles being used on the face. A cheap window, cost £400. 150mm timber walls with 70mm celotex and 20mm insulated plasterboard. They need...
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    Ordering staircase query.

    I need to order a new staircase but I'm unsure what considerations i to take account for. I'm fitting a new stairwell that has to be fire reg 30 mins. Do i line the new stairwell in fire boarding then fit the staircase or fit the staircase then board it? The difference is 25mm and will effect...
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    Dishwasher causing knocking.

    Hi all, When my dishwasher is in its cycle and drawing water the pipes near the pressure chamber start to knock. Sometimes the red light on the dishwasher comes on to indicate no water? I have pulled out the dishwasher and straightened the hose which sometimes helps but then the noise comes...