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    Suggestions please for black spot removal patio

    I've got a serious issue with Black spots on the patio and need something fairly robust to deal with it. Ive tried various over the counter things from DIY stores but think I may need something more professional, any suggestions please, I'd like to do it myself if I can. Regards.
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    Will this work

    Hi all. I am in no way confident at any type of building work but with a neighbour who knows a little we would like to try and fix an area of concrete to the side of my home. We have an area of level concrete about 12ft x 16ft with an adjoining part on a slop of the same size. The side of...
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    Above ground pool

    Hi I would like to put up an above ground pool. It's not big but it takes so much water that I would like to leave it up in the garden (in France not here) The ideal situation is on a grass area which is a bit uneven. I have a load of building sand left over, can I place it straight on that...
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    Anyone used or using a MAC

    Hi Everyone. Just doing a bit of research before buying any kit, will be looking at a DVR and a camera. Anyone using a MAC and OSX 10 on a network at home with a DVR networked and encountered any problems, anything particularly good, or even used your iphone when notified of a detection on...
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    unwanted visitor and a PIR

    Hi everyone We had an uninvited guest whilst the family were asleep, I was confronted with a big guy and a knife but we are all ok. I am having some security bits and pieces fitted and have a question about our existing lighting on the driveway which are operated by a switch in the house. I...