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    Best underlay for deep pile (18mm) Saxony Carpet

    Hi I'm getting some deep pile Saxony Carpet for the bedroom. Pile height is 18mm, and 2mm backing making 20mm total hight. I'm getting my underlay online - what would be the most suitable underlay in therms of thickness? I'm thinking of 9mm PU foam as I feel that any thicker might cause...
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    Boiler not firing for CH - duff roomstat? Theben Ramses 811

    Hi I am having issues with getting my ancient (Gloworm Fuelsaver F) conventional boiler to fire up for central heating. When the room stat - (a Theben Ramses 811 top1) has been turned up and heard the audible 'click' the boiler does nothing. DHW is running fine and the tank thermostat fires...
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    Adding earthing to light switch

    Hi We're in the middle of redecorating our kitchen and would like to replace the white plastic light switch with a metal faceplate dimmer (non-double insulated) Obviously this needs to be earth so imagine my joy when removing the old switch I found that the earth wire has been snipped back...