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    Is this rusty rad tail a cause for concern?

    Hi, simple question really, about 5 years ago I replaced 9 radiators in our house. This one pictured below is situated in the sitting room and I’ve just noticed some corrosion where the rad meets the valve. There are no signs of a leak. Another rad upstairs has the paint starting to flake and...
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    How to bed edging in

    Hi, I’m carrying out a number of DIY jobs for a relative among which trying to sort out the area of her garden pictured below. In the trench there used to be edging which had rotted. I purchased a couple of rolls of something similar (see pic below, 250mm height) but upon digging out the old...
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    Is this soil compact enough?

    Hello, As part of a DIY project (steps to the house) I'm currently using an earth tamper (see pic) to compact subsoil on top of which I'll lay a 75-100mm layer of hardcore and then concrete flags on top of that (with a mortar joint between the hardcore and the flags). My question pertains to...
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    Concrete footings for steps with rain forecast?

    Hi, I've just moved this to the "building" section (from "gardens"). I'm re-doing the steps through our front garden to our front door (see pic below). I've dug and set out formwork to pour concrete into for the footings of my risers. These will eventually support two bricks courses. The treads...
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    Help with concrete footing for steps

    moved to "building" section
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    Help with putting up partition on ground floor

    Hi, Below you can see pics of our ground floor dining area, with an entry to the house on the right but out of frame of the first pic. As you walk in, on your right is the dining area and on your left, from where the first pic is taken, the kitchen area. Before we bought the house, there were...
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    Help with front garden path and retaining structure

    Hi, Below are a pic of the steps in our front garden, leading to the house, as well as a drawing of how I would like to completely redo our front garden. Let me explain. I'd like to replace the 4 steps with (starting from the pavement) a flat section and then 4 steps of uniform rises and...
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    Why did my tiles and grout get loose?

    Hello, A few years ago I re-tiled our family bathroom, laying the tiles onto backer boards (see pic below). Unfortunately after a while the (flexible) grout started splitting, with a probable root cause of the tiles becoming loose. This may in turn be due to flexibility in the floorboards...
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    How do I open/replace this light switch?

    Hi, quick question, we have one of these by our front door for the porch light and the hallway light. How does one open it up with a view to potentially replacing it? Thanks.
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    Drilling in load bearing wall to support climbing board

    Hi, I wish to install the climbing training board (pictured below) on an internal load-bearing wall, above a door to our sitting room (also pictured below). 4 screw holes in the board to mount it. I’m thinking of first bolting a piece of wood to the wall of circa 18mm thickness and then the...
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    How to install rad if existing pipes too close to wall

    Hi, I’m in the process or replacing 9 rads in our house. In one room on the first floor, the existing pipe centres are only 32mm from the wall (see pic below where I’ve lifted a bit of carpet). With my rad mounting brackets, I have the option of mounting it for pipes that are 45 or 60 from the...
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    Cracks behind all first floor rads

    Hi, I’m currently in the process for of replacing 9 rads in our house (5 on the ground floor and 4 on the first floor). I believe these were fitted when the house was built in the early 80s. Behind each of the radiators on the first floor, there is a large crack in the wall, see pics below. I’m...
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    Olive damage to pipes - ok to re-use?

    Hi, I’m replacing 9 radiators in our house, starting with two in our sitting room. Having removed the old ones and the olives left behind on the copper pipes (see pic below), I notice that these pipes have an olive shaped indentation where the olives were before. Should I be worried about leaks...
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    question regarding radiator fit

    Hi, I wish to replace the old imperial-sized radiators in our house, total of 9. Two of these old ones measure 1540mm in width and would, according to my BTU calc, be replaced with 1400mm rads. The TRV extensions I see available on the market don't extend to the difference required (140 mm)...
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    Animals under roof tiles?

    Hi, Two years ago we had our loft converted into a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, including a total of 5 roof windows. Lately I've heard the sound of tiny steps above us when in the loft and have assumed it was just pigeons walking around on top of the tiles. Today however I opened a...
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    Unable to start Stihl strimmer

    Hi, I'm seeking help here to start my Stihl strimmer (pic below with air filter removed). I took it apart for a good clean having previously purchased it used and running albeit not very well according to the previous owner. I couldn't start it after re-assembly, so I played with the H and L...
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    Toilet blockage question

    Hi, just wondering if anyone could explain the following to me. Our downstairs wall-hung toilet (see pic below) seemed to fill up quite high when flushed this morning. So I suspected blockage, got a coat hanger out but couldn't seem to find anything. So I removed the toilet bowl all together...
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    How do I replace a radiator with a slightly wider one?

    Hi, I wish to replace the rad in the pic below in our downstairs toilet as part of a complete refurbish of the room. The new rad (left in the the pic below) is also a nominal 500mm wide but with the TRV and L/S, the assembly is actually approx 70mm wider than the old one. How do I get around...
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    How do I remove this electric fire?

    Hi, My brother-in-law called to ask for help on how to remove this (see below) but I have no experience with these and I can't tell from the picture. Is the trim attached to the device itself or to the surrounding wall? How do we remove the whole thing to replace it with a new one? Thanks.
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    how to fix batten to a concrete fence post

    Hi, Below is a pic of my neighbour's fence, with the holes in his concrete post clearly visible. There are two, one at the bottom and one at the top of each fence post. At the bottom of this fence, where I'm replacing the fence at the back of our garden, I'd like to use these holes to fix a...