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    Tomato plants first time

    I have always found that you get more fruit, the taller the plants can grow. Commercial growers grow the plants up sloping strings (About 45 degrees) to get more plant in a restricted height. I am growing some bush toms this year, just leave them to it. Frank
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    Best way to get under flooring without a saw.

    I wonder what the repair looks like? FDJ
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    7 Ah lead acid sealed battery advice please.

    I recently tried to revive a large number of ex-UPS batteries that were showing similar symptoms. I added water to each cell and at first, the results were encouraging. However, every single one suffered another type of failure. Probably internal cell collapse and none were usable. These things...
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    Dead extractor hood, how to check for power?

    Take the filters out. You can normally get to the terminals then. What have you got to measure with? Frank
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    3 phase db question

    I suppose one obvious question would be: Could you save money by converting to a single phase supply? Frank
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    Winding transformer

    No-one here so far seems to know the one property of a Microwave Oven Transformer which makes it different to other types of transformer. All MOT's have a magnetic shunt in the core which makes the transformer a high impedance source. This additional impedance self-regulates the current...
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    Wiring a plug

    Ferrules, un-insulated. :-) I don't remember when I last wired a 13A plug! Frank
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    Picture of the week!™

    Nice job I presume that the Blue phase of the incommer isolator has failed somehow? Frank.
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    Thermostatic switch for 6kw portable air conditioner ??

    Correct! Equivalent cooling power is 6kW NOT power consumption. It is stated that it runs from a 13A Plug so no more than 3kW. Could be run from a plug-in thermostat. Frank.
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    Whats this setup? 4mm from meter!?

    Its FSK on the 198kHz from Droitwich. Frank
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    Surprise at symptoms due to earth loss!

    Possibly an appliance with a "delta suppressor" with capacitors L-N, L-E and N-E. Would just have been a few uA leakage. Frank.
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    LED lighting

    I'm still looking for these 5kW LED lamps :D
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    What size heat shrink for crimping?

    Use crimps with built-in heat shrink. Not cheap though Frank
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    Star Delta

    Is this the problem? Motor overloads have a time delay, MCB's are fast acting. Frank
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    Oven element blown, fan question

    Its either the heater element that is open circuit OR possibly the thermostat/control. You can easily check the element continuity using a multimeter but isolate the supply and take one of the connections off first. I have replaced one like this with a generic spare and you may have to do...
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    sockets trip fuse box

    I think you need a "proper" Electrician.... When dealing with an intermittent fault that you can't reproduce, you have to do "something" to try to eliminate one or more possible causes. Then go away and await the outcome. I.e. swap the two breakers for the two circuits. Moving the breaker to...
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    Lumens - Effective Lumens - RAW Lumens LED rating?

    I have been investigating LED lamps and have a sort-of rule of thumb which is a reasonable guide. We can all reasonably estimate the light output from tungsten lamps. 1W LED == 10W tungsten. So if you need the equivalent of a 60W lamp, you will need a 6W LED lamp. This seems to be...
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    Oven element blown, fan question

    A faulty fan will cause the oven element to over heat and possibly burn-out. I think you have answered your own question here. You will need to remove the oven back, then you can test the element. Frank
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    Unswitched wall sockets

    They were the best in ALL respects...
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    Unswitched wall sockets

    I used to work on a site where the mains was 230v DC. The DC powered oven made the best Yorkshire Puddings.... Frank (This is true... and I am qualified to design and build Hi-Fi and other electronic gear.)