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  1. Oceans247

    I want a 2m high garden fence... Why are all the ready made panels 1.83m?

    I want a 2m high garden fence... Why are all the panels 1.83m? Is the idea that I combine the 1.83 pannel with another board under it? Gravel boards don't seem to make up the missing 17cm... What's the best way to get a 2m high fence at a reasonable price?
  2. Oceans247

    What mitre saw to buy for loft conversion/stud walls?

    Hi there, I am going to be working alongside my main builder putting up stud walls. I have been looking at which mitre saw I should buy. What is the sort of cross-cut capability should I be looking for and what else should I keep in mind when choosing my saw. I'm looking at spending about 200...
  3. Oceans247

    Slab or suspended timber floor in small mid-terrace property

    Hi there, I have the option to do a suspended timber floor or a solid concrete floor in my small mid-terrace property. The property has been stripped back completely, right back to the underfloor void screed. I am not planning on putting in underfloor heating. The one advantage for a solid...
  4. Oceans247

    Best heating and hot water system for a full reno terraced 3 bed house?

    Hi there, I am doing a full renovation on a mid-terrace 3-bed house (inc loft) and single-story rear extension. It will have 1 family bathroom with bath, and 1 ensuite and 9 to 12 rads (inc heated towel rails. Electric underfloor heating in family bathroom and ensuite. I was going to put in a...
  5. Oceans247

    Help sourcing the right size Padstones

    Hi there, My SE has specified the following padstones: 440 L x 100wd x 150dp Concrete Padstone 660 L x 100wd x 215dp Concrete Padstone 1200 L x 100wd x 215dp Concrete Padstone 880 L x 100wd x 215dp Concrete Padstone I have searched the internet for several hours and I cannot find padstones in...
  6. Oceans247

    How to refinish internal plastered brick walls that have had the plaster removed?

    Hi there, I am renovating a terraced house in London. All the old lath and plaster internal walls and ceilings have been removed. I have also hacked off all the old plaster from the external brick walls (on the inside of the property). I will insulate and add new plasterboard and skim the...
  7. Oceans247

    Best bathroom sub-floor material for 1st floor bathroom - For Tiles and UFH

    Hi there, I have a bathroom on the 1st floor of a terraced house. Currently, there are old wood floorboards on wood floor beams. I would like to install UFH and then tile. What would be the best way to do this? I had thought of removing the floorboards, laying down waterproof 18mm plywood...
  8. Oceans247

    Best way to cut pockets in a party wall for padstones and beams?

    Hi there, I need to cut pockets for padstones and steel beams. Is there some magic way of doing this without damaging the neighbours side? The pointing/mortar is old and soft, so I planned on scraping it our above and below the bricks for the horizontal ones and then removing the bricks like...
  9. Oceans247

    Sourcing materials according to Engineers Specification?

    Hi there, I have a silly question (or three). My structural engineer has specified various beams and joists etc for the loft conversion. For example, TR1 is specified to be "2No.50x125dp C24 Timber Joists". But when I google that I can't find those exact dimensions and matching C rating...
  10. Oceans247

    Which trades are required for a loft conversion + chimney breast removal?

    Hi there, I am doing a loft conversion on a terraced house. Both neighbours have already done loft conversions (unfortunately). I say unfortunately as I believe this just makes my loft conversion slightly more complicated with regards to waterproofing and joining to their structures. Nither...