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    BR distance from boundary and non-combustable roof

    G'day folks, As I understand BR, if you build an outbuilding of 15-30m2 within 1m of of the boundary, Then you are required to build the structure of primarily non-combustable materials to avoid needing a visit from your local BCO. Question the first: What is measured to the boundary...
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    False grass on roof?

    Don't know much about roofing, But here's the shed i'm building that currently has a waterproof base-layer and is awaiting a protective grit layer. How bad an idea would it be to put false grass on instead of this grit layer? Let the mocking commence.
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    Pruning a neglected silver birch?

    This is my mates garden around the corner from me, since getting the house about six years ago he hasn't touched the back of the garden behind the shed. He's after tidying up the back of the garden and I'll be giving him a hand. This summer it looked like this: End of this summer...
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    Ivy vs Felt flat roof

    I'm building a shed (largish workshop) at the bottom of my garden, It will have a near flat felt roof, there is ivy growing on the back wall which will grow onto the shed roof. Should I regularly trim back the ivy to stop this happening or will it be OK? I like the idea of the ivy...
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    Post & Beam garden motorcycle workshop

    Hello all! New here, hopefully I'm posting to the right section. Basic plan is concrete slab, brick dwarf walls, post & beam frame with t&g clad timber stud infills. Don't get too excited with the mention of post & beam (4"x4"), I don't have the time and patience to do proper morticed...