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    Drain leaking coil

    Hi Gents, Is it possible to drain the coil without the rest of the upstairs heating system. Cylinder is located in 1st floor airing cupboard with the boiler underneath on ground floor. Leaking soldered joint shown in green directly below air bleed vent. I need to fix it. Any help much appreciated!
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    Power flush machine

    I'm thinking of investing in a power flushing machine for the business. Anyone got opinions on the best one to buy?
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    Hot rads upstairs cold rads downstairs

    Hi folks! Anyone good at problem solving. I have a traditional open vented, pumped Y plan heating system. Put cleaner in the system a few weeks ago to stop the kettling coming from the boiler. Drained down a couple of days ago refilled and added inhibitor. The problem - I have hot...
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    small crack in base of cold water tank

    Hi, Can anyone advise on a small crack in the base of my plastic cold water tank. Is it possible to repair it. It must be resting on something quite small as you could cover it with a 10 pence piece. It is leaking about a mug of water per day. Appreciate any advice. Thanks Mark