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  1. Dodgyrog

    Can you cut/join Rockwool sound insulation
  2. Dodgyrog

    Can you cut/join Rockwool sound insulation

    I've built music studios with extreme levels of sound isolation - you don't want to "squish" the rockwall down in thickness, nor do you really need to leave a small air gap - for what you are doing anyway. They probably said the gap thing with the intention of not encouraging you to pack too...
  3. Dodgyrog

    Extension Built - Rules Not Followed - Neigbours "" - 2B Demolished

    Just the thought of stepping up to that front door pains me ... or maybe the builders are about to construct a quality set of steps :confused:
  4. Dodgyrog

    Bathroom shower panels

    I put a complete shower cubicle in using these a while back. First time I had ever done a shower but I'm a reasonable DIYer. Worked a treat and looked fantastic / quality job. I too had the coving issue...
  5. Dodgyrog

    Changing external gulley to internal and adding toilet.

    Good point ! The middle run in the pic is the main loo and therefore should create a reasonable flushing of that area - but if it can be done now then it's worth it. Cheers.
  6. Dodgyrog

    Changing external gulley to internal and adding toilet.

    That was part of the thinking behind just having a 90 bend to replace the gulley - and leaving top access to it when I have boarded it in so that worse case I can get to it from that end. Thinking I'd have to be unlucky for the blockage to occur in a spot between the new toilet and that junction...
  7. Dodgyrog

    Changing external gulley to internal and adding toilet.

    Hi As per pic this will all become internal within a new extension and I would like a toilet where the white arrow is. Builders are sorting the main shell build but I'm doing all internals when they are gone - but obviously need to get something in before block and beam floor goes down. For the...
  8. Dodgyrog

    Rafters in Ridge Steel beam help

    If it helps I've just rec'd detail from my structural engineer. We're only vaulting one half of an existing roof / ceiling hence only one side of rafters shown and being fixed to existing rafters - but the general concept is the same.
  9. Dodgyrog

    Marking/cutting concrete blocks technique please

    Not totally wasted .... Miss Galore and myself had a giggle over that :D To the OP - how many blocks do you have to cut? I find just scratching with the end of a tape measure then tap away with a bolster and hammer, gently for the first few taps and then more heavy and you usually get a clean...
  10. Dodgyrog

    Laying 22mm chipboard

    See what others say but if it were me I'd do whatever is needed to get a decent support under there - in the form of a noggin - especially if it is in an area regularly walked over.. I'm assuming it's your own place in which case a possible squeak or worse further down the line will be a major...
  11. Dodgyrog

    Insulating steel uprights and beam.

    Yes it would have been a lot simpler however I wanted a very specific look to the room with narrow rendered columns between the windows and the door so that it didn't look too "conservatory-like / fabricated" if that makes sense - as per the sketch. Wanted to maximise the window space, hence the...
  12. Dodgyrog

    Can I make an office in my loft with no regulations?

    Depending on the construction of your existing ceilings below the loft another issue you might have is the ceilings cracking. Most boarded up lofts are suitable for intermittent use, and just one person's weight etc but once you are up there more often and you get more specific loads up there (a...
  13. Dodgyrog

    Insulating steel uprights and beam.

    Thanks. Having recently used insulated plasterboard on my garage conversion I did think of this but I'm assuming you just mean only put it on the single wall where all the steel is? 3 of 4 walls are external of a 5m x 4m room and that means a lot of expensive insulated plasterboard otherwise...
  14. Dodgyrog

    Insulating steel uprights and beam.

    Greatly appreciate the ongoing help from here. As per below details we're soon to be installing steelwork consisting of 2 x outer I-Beam uprights (C1) then 2 inner 80mm square section windposts (WP1) which then all support a cross beam with welded plate (to support inner and outer leaves above...
  15. Dodgyrog

    Floating a floor on beam and block?

    Well the blocks are all in and it is a lot more level than I expected - I've previously had beams protrude higher than the block face but this is all very even. There's a very slight camber of less than a cm over a 4.8 metre span so unless there's any other major points raised I think I'll go...
  16. Dodgyrog

    Floating a floor on beam and block?

    Yep they are sat on my drive at the moment and have an obvious curve but will see what they are like when down and loaded up.
  17. Dodgyrog

    Floating a floor on beam and block?

    The room flows in to an existing room / hallway which is all laminate and we want the same all throughout so not too concerned from that point - but thanks for the heads up.
  18. Dodgyrog

    Floating a floor on beam and block?

    Hi, Any particular cons of a floating floor on top of beam and block as opposed to screed? Screed will mean cost of another trade coming in but more-so would like to do as much as poss myself. I'm well pleased with the floating floor I just put in my garage conversion but for the new single...
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    Drainage options to suit new extension and sort previous bodge.

    I'm already wearing my cowboy hat having suggested to the builders we "rough up" some pipe to make it look old and quickly plumb it in lol
  20. Dodgyrog

    Drainage options to suit new extension and sort previous bodge.

    As it happens we are actually being charged by the water company for rainwater discharge - so I will be claiming that back if we don't end up discharging in to the sewer system!