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    Curved Garden Deck

    Yeah, I did wonder about that. Not sure I would want to try it out on someone elses deck tho'. Might have a go on my own when I get round to doing it. Recently finnished a 85 square meter hardwood deck. Not sure that method would have worked so well with that.
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    Curved Garden Deck

    Sorry to interject guys. I have had enqiuries about curved decks before but am never sure quite what to use for facia boards as we usually use deck boards as facias and they dont bend as you know. What do you use?
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    Turfing up an embankment

    And impending hosepipe bans!
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    I would say best way would be to take it up, re-lay on concrete and re-point it with 3:1, Builders sand : Cement. Then you can power wash to your hearts content.
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    Problems with turf laid last year

    How long were the leaves on it?
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    Free landscape designer

    Hey! No need to start on me! :wink:
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    Free landscape designer

    Ooooo, NASTY!!! :twisted:
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    Keeping the cats in the garden

    If you let them out they will leave the garden, whatever you do to try to stop them. As far as i am aware 8' is the max height of fence you would be allowed to erect and my cats can get up that height without so much as breaking stride. Sorry I cant be more help. Cats are never ours, if they...
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    How big is the lawn? How vast is the area of clover? How thick is the area of clover?????????? :wink:
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    Best advice to cure flooding garden

    Dont mean to butt in but if you bought the drians yourself and did the work yourself, then it probably wouldnt work out very different in price. Of course it would depend where you ran the drains. If they purely went along the fence on the offending side of the garden then it wouldnt be too...
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    Doggy Mess!!!!!!!

    or for the sake of continuity turf the whole lot!
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    Parking (Dropped Curb)

    I guess thats fair enough but we have had one done and in the long run eased the parking problems in our road because my other half has a car too and we can get 3 vehicles (at a push) on the drive and have only taken up one parking space worth by having it done, hence 1-2 space saving in our...
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    how can you tell if a wall is load baring or not?

    Is there a wall directly above it? Which way do the joists run above it?
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    New carpet RED WINE

    Well Vanish spray worked on our carpet for 5 greese marks it was old greese too. Only trouble was that those patches are now too clean compared to the rest of the carpet!
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    Minor work - MAJOR problem?!

    They realy are quite grim, it must look like the whole house has been clad. I agree with Thermo they do very much look like the type of blocks used by some in their gardens but I imagine they arent the same as the house was built so long ago. Good luck finding them or casting your own (which...
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    PVA Mix for rendering

    Ahhhhhh! Please dont ask about PVA on here. See 'BLOWN RENDER PLEASE HELP' from last year. Any relpy could go on for months.
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    Minor work - MAJOR problem?!

    No photos?
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    Parking (Dropped Curb)

    Sorry perhaps i didnt make it clear. What I meant was that if it bothers people that a dropped curb means two spaces then why dont they get a dropped curb themselves and have two spaces :?:
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    Parking (Dropped Curb)

    Firstly, other residents are quite free to get themselves a drop curb and therefore have an allocated space, plus many driveways will take more than one car which frees up extra space for other residents. Very fair in my opinion!
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    Parking (Dropped Curb)

    That was probably the change in 2003 that diyisfun mentioned.