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    Make good multi skim

    It's awful stuff, just like trying to skim with filler. It's not what it says on the bag, says its a two coat skim but you can't trowel it like multifinish.
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    Kitchen order of finishing off

    Can't you temporary fit the posts and panels then when the worktops are in remove them, tile then trim them up and refit. You will only need a couple of screws from the inside of the carcass into each panel.
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    bathroom floor retiling poor job

    It does look an awful job. I wouldn't have fitted back over the used matting. Should have pulled it up and started again. Have never used the dittra. Over the last few years I've always used 6mm hardie backers on wooden floors. Also looks like the toilet was left in situ, should have been...
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    grout , long time to dry

    Assume it's tub stuff? I always use powdered. As already stated add some heat to the room.
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    Adhesive recommendations for bathroom

    Wall 1 , tanking fluid in what is going to be in the shower area. You don't need to tank over aqua panel or prime it. Wall 4, make sure it's free of dust and adhesive etc,scrap off the paint if you can then prime with acrylic tiling primer. Powdered cement based adhesive, maybe go for standard...
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    Managing / minimising step up onto new tiled floor

    18mm will be plenty screwed down at 200mm centers with noggins on joins,you won't need backers on top. I know the sticky recommends thicker ply but imo its overkill unless the spacing of joists is excessive. Use a powdered trade flexi adhesive and grout.
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    Polycarb conervatory roof

    I have damaged a sheet on my neighbours conservatory roof.Was felting my own flat roof and was quite windy. A section of roof felt I was working with was caught by a gust but also dragged a half roof tile too. it has made dent in one of the sheets about the size of 10p.I doesnt seem to be...
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    Tiling a mirror to the wall

    If you tile the wall and leave an opening for the mirror you will then have an exact size to work too. Dont use tile adhesive to fix it unless it suggests so in mirror manufactures docs,I used adhesive on one and it made stains through the backing so when looking at mirror you could see...
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    Howto fit Marmox boards in a wet area

    Dow corning A few more pounds but worth it.
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    Using floor tiles as a worktop

    I wouldn't use mdf as a base,use wbp ply and a cement based flexible tile adhesive.Also up the thickness to 18mm min.
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    tiling up to stainless steel spashback

    I would go with silicone.
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    Tiling fire hearth

    Bed them using flexible tile adhesive and yes they will need sealing to make cleaning easier.
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    tiling a fire place

    Use a cement based flexible adhesive
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    Don't use pva in an area thats likey to be exposed to high levels of moisture. There are lots of different brands of tile adhesive that will fix them but read the tub/bag to check that its suitable for fixing to the surface in question.
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    floor tiles on floor tiles

    Remove the tiles,I would be suprised/disappointed if you can remove them without damage to ply so work on the basis that you will need to rip the lot out and replace.
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    tiling up to stainless steel spashback

    Leave a couple of mm
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    Help! black grout has stained my white tiles!

    Are the ceramic or porcelain?Is it on the face or has it bled in under the glaze?
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    Laying Travertine tiles

    Flexi adhesive and grout
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    advice needed

    Rich, Yes I could see that the metro tiles had pulled the paint but could not make out the paint on the others.Im aware that priming would not help over poor painting but was refering to the other tiles.On closer inspection of the pics I see you are right. I consider myself told and will...
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    advice needed

    Acrylic primer or use a self priming adhesive