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    Heating/Hot controller water problem

    My heating and hot water are on a timer. The heating works every day as per the timer settings, but the hot water is intermittent. Sometimes i'll have hot water for a week then it just doesn't work in the morning one day then maybe the afternoon a few days later {no rhyme or reason). It also...
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    Bathroom sink glugging noise

    Hello.I have just fitted a new bathroom basin with integral overflow.My problem is that when the water drains out it is very slow and when it finally empties it makes a really annoying glugging noise for about 10 seconds.Ive tried plunging it and this helps with the water flow for about a week...
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    question re pat test polarity test

    Hi I have just got my shiny new PAT tester (avo pat4) After an hours of trying to understand the menu and setting up the client list i tried to test my workshop radio to get to grips with the machine.All the tests worked fine on the radio then I tested the lead(2 core)on its own,now heres my...
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    Pat Testing equipment help and recomendations

    Hi could anyone give me any help or advice on PAT testing equipment. I have just been given the job of PAT testing all the stuff at work and my gaffer has asked me what sort of PAT tester we should buy.As ive only just passed the PAT test course and I have absolutly no idea which is the best...
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    Help am2 test soon, tips needed

    Hi guys i've got my AM2 test coming up soon and I would really appreciate some hints and tips from anyone that has done the test (and passed it )I'm not asking to cheat I'm just doing advanced research ( nudge nudge wink wink).Hope someone can help. at the minute I have to visit the toilet every...