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    What type of hinge do I need?

    Ahh, found what I need it's a face frame hinge but I can't get them sprung with a 15mm overlap. So much for making an easy job out of it.
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    What type of hinge do I need?

    Tarting up some wardrobe doors, structurally fine except for tired hinges However they're not todays usual cabinet type as they sit flush to the front in a 32mm half circle what can I get to replace them or failing that something to fit above/below as normal cabinet hinges will require...
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    finding an electrician

    1. What b-a-s says. 2. failing that, will give you a list of registered (fwiw) sparks.
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    Best way to stain/finish doors

    Hi, have some '30's pitch pine doors and some new light oak veneered doors which I want to stain to a medium colour closer to the medium coloured walnut floor, finishing with a low sheen finish (not matt, more silk/satin) whats the best way of doing this? Ideally with a low-maintenance finish...
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    Installation Of Pop Up Kitchen Socket

    Yeah fused spur, you'd have to be sustaining about 20 amps to pop it anyway (the 13amp fuse). Know of an electric floor drawing a measured 15.6 amps on one, has worked for years...
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    A Rhetorical Question Ref Metal Switch Face Plate Earthing.

    No it's not a reg, it's the NIC-EIC guidance on this frequently asked question. :roll:
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    A Rhetorical Question Ref Metal Switch Face Plate Earthing.

    so long as at least one of the lugs is fixed (non-adjustable) this is considered sufficient. Gah, beaten!
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    MCB on but no power in sockets

    worth flipping it on-off a couple of times, internal mechanisms can stick. There isn't also an RCD on the board thats tipped? sometimes they stop halfway and people think they're still on. These need to be switched off then on.
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    Consumer unit replacement - cowboy.

    The tragedy being that the wylex boards are supplied with some nice pictorial stickers! Was it really that much more effort to pop them on? *And yes, I realise that focussing on poor labelling out of all that could be faulted on ^that is a joke, but it's one thing that flicks my buttons.
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    A day in the life of a Homeserve electrician......

    ...And drive to the next job don't forget! Can it be done? I'm thinking if it were real easy, Everthing was perfect, no van parked 15 mins away, MEB easy, no remote isolation problems, no faults, plugs hidden behind apps etc, and a 1 bed flat with 1 ring, 1 lighting circ and a cooker...
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    cut & polish granite tiles

    Hi, I want to make a hifi stand using granite tiles for the shelves, can I just cut the tiles with a diamond blade in a handheld grinder or am I likely to make an awful hash of it, and what would I use to finish/polish the cut edge?
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    Re-wiring costs

    While I can't comment on the guy who's quoted your work and you could have a fine job done, there are certain ways he could comply ie LABC inspection and an after-completion nic PIR, you should be aware that it is possible to "obtain" an nic cert for, in my experience, ANY old rubbish.
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    Repossessed property - EDF want a certificate to reconnect

    I've had this conversation with EDF, basically like said they want to cover A's and the fact of the matter is don't really understand what an EIC/PIR is and whats required to produce one, their engineers don't know how to read it anyway, insisting on a certificate just sounds clever and right...
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    Trade Waste Disposal

    Wanna be carefull using domestic waste services, if the council catch you they'll go bananas. Same story here, council make it as difficult as possible for those of us that try to be law abiding. I also pile it on the drive then get half a ton or so taken away, but one of the neighbours is...
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    Masked man escorted from site!

    Sounds like you'd have a field day in a court of law. Make records of who said what, much info as possible. Like said bill them on the highside for the time and materials. If thats not paid follow it up with a solicitors letter that can go on to mention their "apparent...
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    3 Phase HRC Fuse Board

    Are you saying that an installation in the house of god is not under the supervision of a skilled or instructed person?
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    What mA would you expect a 30mA RCD to trip at ?

    Their RCBO's are amazingly consistent. I can fit ten and they'll all be within half a minisec of each other at each test current point, occasionally you get one thats 5+ milli slower at x1 then it fails at x5.
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    2 Gang FCU

    rexel senate carry them in stock. as do probably many others. Think the OP justs wants a twin socket sized FCU for convenience though, in which case one could be made up using a 3 gang gridswitch with a 20A DP switch, fuse holder and blank.
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    First Line Digital

    Was thinking of going to sky but don't want a BT line, will never have any BT service ever again. Havn't found virgin too bad though, they do the 8-12/12-4/4-7 appointments which is good, better than a "whole day" off work. The V+ box is a little unstable but I gather they're about to...
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    Tokenism to the extreme.

    Token Black. Love that show. ~