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    New Programmer for Vaillant Ecofit Pure 835

    Actually, I just had a quick look and can't see my parents going for that... multizone that they wouldn't use, the weather sensing etc is unlikely to be really used due to parents 'switch it on when it's needed' approach. You mentioned 2 wire, which I see mains Live and RT... on the programmer...
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    New Programmer for Vaillant Ecofit Pure 835

    Thank you.... I'll check out the vaillant controller, though my parents will probably use it in their usual on / off mode only !! It was hard enough to get them to have thermostatic valves and explain how to use them!!
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    New Programmer for Vaillant Ecofit Pure 835

    Hopefully someone can make light of a simple question. My parents boiler has been replaced and checked out by a Gas Safe Engineer, but he was called away before installing the programmer/thermostat. He said we could fit this if we knew what we are doing (father former electrician). We were...
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    Vaillant VUW 242 1/E issues

    Hi experts, I have the above boiler which is playing up - light sequence is that it shuts down with the ignition indicator flashing. Switch off the boiler and switch on and it fires up fine, for a while and then locks out with the same problem. Sometimes when resetting, the burner lockout...