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    Conservatory Roof Ridge

    Hi, recently moved into a house and the conservatory roof ridge (if that's what it's called) appears to be coming away from the wall and conservatory. Please could anyone advise how this might be put back in place? Pics at links below Thanks
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    Cracked Window - Need new unit

    Hi folks, Just noticed a long crack in one of the bedroom windows. The crack is on on the internal side only, so I guess it's a case of thermal shock (windows are around 20yrs old). It is internally beaded so my plan is to pop the unit out, measure it and then source a new one. I have a couple...
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    Which adhesive for 300x600 ceramic?

    Hey all, As the title says, I'm wondering which adhesive is the best (but reasonably priced) adhesive to use for fixing 300x600mm ceramic tiles to a plasterboard (painted wall)? It will be in a bathroom so must be water/moisture proof. Thanks!
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    Easi-Fill, too soft?

    Thanks guys, now using Toupret and seems to set harder (still quite easy to sand though).
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    Leyland Hardwearing Matt

    Hey all, Just wanted to see if anyone has used Leyland's Hardwearing Matt (white) before? If so, did you get a slight sheen, despite it being a matt finish? Unless it has a sheen, I struggle to see how it can be "scrubbable"...
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    Tiles or Shower Wall?

    Thanks guys, to be honest it's looking like shower wall is the best option. The chance of leaks through grouting etc causing headaches and more work, it just doesn't seem worth it.
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    Easi-Fill, too soft?

    Hey all, I know a lot of people use easi-fill for patching as it rubs down really easily. I have done this myself and found that even when it has been painted over, it is still quiet soft under the paint. Is easi-fill too soft to create a sound patch or am I doing something wrong?
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    Tiles or Shower Wall?

    Hey all, I'm in the process of renewing my bathroom and was looking at alternatives to tiling for the shower. I've experienced leaks and failing grout in the past so was looking at the various shower wall options. Does anyone have any opinion on these? There seems to be 3 main options: Plywood...
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    Spot priming on plasterboard

    Hey, I've stripped wallpaper off in my hall and filled the dents, nicks etc in with easi-fill. I've sanded smooth but wondered what is the best way to seal or prime the patches of easi-fill? Some folk say just watered down emulsion (mist coat) and some say use a primer. Every primer I seem to...
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    Getting a ladder to use on stairs?

    I use these, cheap enough for DIY use and been fine so far..
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    Accessing window above conservatory

    Thanks, I'll try and get a picture tonight. I know they are Profile 22 windows and are internal bead. Annoyingly, each window has a cross-bar in the middle meaning each window has two separate panes! I guess another option would be to remove one or two of the roof panels so I can put a ladder...
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    Accessing window above conservatory

    Hey all, I need to replace the silicone around a bedroom window as wind is whistling through the gaps where the existing sealant has come away. The only problem is that this window directly above the conservatory so I cant put ladders up. I was considering removing the internal beading and...
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    Tightening UPVC Doors to Stop Draught

    Do you have the sort of door where, when you pull the handle up to lock it, two locks shoot out from the top and the bottom of the door (one up the sky and one down to the floor)? If so, there should be an adjustment on the slots where these locks go in to. I had the same issue with mine and...
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    Silicone around uPVC windows?

    Thanks for that, I didn't know they existed!
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    Paint any good?

    Thanks for the further info. Would anyone recommend the following? (Leyland trade Vinyl Matt). It seems to be quite a bit cheaper than the Dulux trade vinyl. Thanks, -NS
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    Paint any good?

    Thanks fellas. So it's ideally vinyl matt I'm looking for. I once asked in B&Q what the difference was between Matt and Vinyl Matt and they said the vinyl is very slightly "stretchy" and good for new builds that are still settling. No mention of wiping/wahsing. Humm....
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    Silicone around uPVC windows?

    Hey all, I am soon going to replace the failing silicone around my uPVC windows. From the look of it, the windows have been fit poorly and some have large gaps between to the frame and brick. Due to this, I think I'll need quite a thick bead of silicone, is it best to just carefully run a thick...
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    Paint any good?

    Hey all, Spotted this in B&Q, LEYLAND PURE BRILLIANT WHITE MATT EMULSION PAINT 10L, for £10. Is this stuff any good for walls? The walls have been painted before and are not new plaster...
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    Easi-Fill Use by date

    Hey all, Need to do some filling on my walls and have a 10kg bag of Easi-Fill that is 2/3rds full. I'm sure the Use By date went out in around Aug but just wondering if, in relaity, that date is flexible and can still be used? I'm not sure what the effects of using it out of date would be...
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    Bowing out a frame with packers

    Ah I see what you mean. Unfortunately I dont think this would work for the windows I have. They have a central horizontal bar across the middle (2 panes of glass). Thanks anyway!