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    Pfizer price increase

    Pfizer vacine goes up from just under $40 to just under $140 So maybe we, the UK, will be better only buying Astra Zenica, always assuring production can meet demand. The above is based on 3 day old info
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    Pictures from Andriod to Winfows 10

    Wife has been successfully uploading pictures from Samsung Galaxy S10+ to Windows 10 PC for months. Recently it stopped uploading (please see following pictures) I deleted previous update which worked for a few days, unfortunately its no longer working. Any suggestion gratefully received.
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    Spin off from the "Another Shooting".thread.

    Having read some of the contributions to the thread mentioned in the title I am caused to wonder what the anti firearms ownership people think about having a "cashless society" foisted upon us.
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    Richard Tice on Talk TV Chatting with an interesting bloke

    Talk TV is on freeeview channel 237 Richard Tice is talking to a Scientist who holds an alternative view regarding CO2 and its effect on the temperature of the Earth we live on.
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    264 file

    I have four Reilink 4k cameras, running through a Relink NVR A day or so ago a rather unpleasant bit of #hit was mouthing off outside a house a couple of doors up from me. I have managed to transfer the data onto a new USB stick but its in 264 file. Can anyone suggest an app which will enable...
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    Ukraine's Eurovision entry for 2023 (turn your sound on)

    For those who have not heard this its a very catchy tune
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    Can anyone identify this socket outlet

    This socket was installed in a Wren kitchen a couple of years ago. A few days ago the householder noticed the 13amp plug was hot and difficult to remove. The terminal are all screwed up tightly in both the plug and the socket outlet. If anyone can identify this I would be very grateful. The...
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    Red Silestone Worktop

    Am going to help a friend take out a Wellmann Kitchen which has what has been described as a Red Silestone worktop. The work top covers an L shaped layout of units and the person he bought it from thinks its glued together. Has any one any experience of stone/composite worktops and the way...
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    Does Kate Hoey get your support.

    Kate Hoey (@CatharineHoey) tweeted at 10:20 a.m. on Fri, Apr 30, 2021: We also need to see the re opening of our smaller abattoirs again -closed under EU rules - much less travelling and stress for animals @ZacGoldsmith (
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    Chipboard floor question

    I have a 17x14 ft kitchen floor to sort out. A third of it has signs of old wood worm so I will lift it, brush on two coats of Wykamol Wykabor on to all of the joists and either replace the affected boards or completely replace with chipboard. As the existing floor boards are 27mm thick I...
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    Frank Field mentions the budget on twitter

    Frank Field posted on twitter that its the best budget in the 42 years he has been in politics. No replies required as this post is just for the non twitter folks
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    This 2014 video by Allyson Pollock is about how the NHS was going to be abolished

    18 minutes of your time will be well spent if you listen to this woman, I know its from 2014 but here we are in 2021 seven years on from then and look how things have changed from then. My thanks go to you if you listen to her informative talk.
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    Covid positive people being escorted across the Channel

    Watch it to the end. (assuming your concentration span can stretch to 11 minutes):) Then contact your MP (that bloke/woman getting £70k per year plus spin off's worth thousands of pounds, IN SOME CASES HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS Ask your MP why we are paying the French millions of pounds...
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    Socket outlet Or Fused Spur

    Socket outlet Or Fused Spur On another forum the subject of fused spur verses three pin plug and single gang socket outlet is under discussion. When a person is preparing to work on a gas boiler which method of connection do the electricians on this forum feel is most appropriate...
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    352 vaccinated at mid day today.

    352 people vaccinated as of mid day today. Imagine how many British people would have been vaccinated by mid day today if we had remained in the EU. The 352 people are French Citizens
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    EU are slow to roll out Covid-19 vaccine.. why?

    As of 21.58h today the EU have still to sort out the Covid-19 vaccine program. Even the USA have stuck the needle into the arms of almost 700k people. I will post up the latest Dr John Campbell YouTube video later
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    Support Pamela Anderson
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    A Seasonal Ask

    Contact Boris and ask him to show some compassion at this coming time of good will and release Julian Assange. Then get on twitter and tell Donald he can get right up Bidens nose by granting Julian Assange a pardon:) .