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  1. mcmoby69

    Panel ID please

    Called out to a boiler breakdown this morning. Elderly customer says alarm not working due to boiler fault!....... Anyway. ... Constant beep and a power light. No response to user code. No book or label on main unit. Pulled the fuse to stop it beeping, Bell box didn't sound either. I said I'd...
  2. mcmoby69

    Joe public phrase translation service.

    Free of charge to all of you. Phrase. I will get there as soon as I can. Translated. I WILL GET THERE AS SOON AS I CAN. The more you ring and text me and I have to answer my phone or read a text, delays me. 10x 6 min phone calls = an hour day x 5 days a week = 5 hrs= over half a day. =...
  3. mcmoby69

    replacement bell box

    hi chaps, hope someone can help. i have an old gardtec370, working fine. wifey has insisted that the aging bell box is replaced due to our shiny new rendering. i bought a texecom premier odyssey 1e from city electrical factors, they told me it would be the same......the orignal bell box is a...