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    Pex 16mm pipe wall clips

    First time using PEX tubing 16mm. What clips should I be using to fix this to walls? I am in Portugal so might be going crazy but do they not need to fix their pipes to walls as they dont seem to have any clips to fix the pipes?
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    Replacing wood floor and underfloor heating portugal

    I am in the process of buying a house in Portugal. The rooms currently have a wood floor and cellar below span 3 metres in all rooms. The wood floor has wood worm and needs replacing. I am aiming to install underfloor heating at the same time I replace the floors with tiles as the finish. 1...
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    Garage door

    I need to replace my garage door. I have the chance to buy a garage door cheap 14ft wide however my width available is only 13ft and can't be easily changed. Is it possible to have the garage door so I can mount it behind the opening and the door will open up and over without protruding...
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    JCB 3C starting after 4 years neglect

    Hi Group, I am trying go get a JCB 3C started after 4 years sitting in the corner of a field. The jcb ran fine when it was left. So far I have put a replacement battery in it and turned her over a few times. Will the diesel lines need bleeding to get it going again. Should I drain the fuel...
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    Driveway stone

    Hi Group, I have a long driveway about 70 yards (old farm house). Mostly road planings. This is a bit rough old and tatty. I want to improve this but haven't really much idea about what is best here. I dont want it to cost too much so ok to get a lorry load of stone and apply this down the...
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    Wall hung toilet on brick wall

    Hi group, I am looking to install a wall hung toilet onto a brick wall. All the information I see seems to related to a concealed frame behind the wall hung toilet so this wouldn't work in my case. I have a small room behind the bathroom that I can use for the cistern. Access from...
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    Smoke from the exhaust and rattle from engine

    Hi Group, I have just started to have a problem with my Hyundai Atoz 1.0 litre petrol engine just under 70k miles on the clock The first instance was yesterday when just pulling onto the motorway and accelerating to overtake a lorry there was a cloud of smoke from the exhaust and I...
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    I have bought a small fountain for the garden. It has 3 tiers and the bottom one contains the pump. It is made of a light concrete material. Question is should I drill a hole at the bottom of the fountain for the pump flex to go down and then seal with silicon to hide the power cable...
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    Toyo Air con unit pcb

    Where could I get a replacement pcb for a Toyo Electric Air Con unit I bought off ebay a few years ago?
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    Cavity Wall Insulation

    A while ago I had british gas around to survey for loft and wall insulation. They did the loft insulation but wouldn't do the cavity because the construction of the rear wall was different either solid wall or something. Guy said something like there were bricks going across the walls. He...
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    Central Heating Pumps

    Where can I find nice cheap central heating pumps?
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    Insurance pay out for accident

    hello I would like a bit of advice on dealing with an insurance claim from anyone who has been in a similar position. I was involved in an accident and the other persons insurance has accepted full responsibility. My car a Fiat Stilo 1.7 petrol 2002 with 62000 on the clock is in pretty...
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    Difficult starting from cold

    I've had a number of cars start doing this and I've never managed to get to the bottom of it. Two protons and now a hyundai. It seems that the car is difficult to start from cold if the car has been left a couple of days. But if started every day the car fires up fine. The car spins...
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    Lawn weed removal

    Hi group, I treated my lawn with Verdone this year and it seems to have controlled most of the weeds including clover that has a white flower. However it seems to have left this plant with a purple flower What is it and what should I treat it with to remove it?
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    Hyundai amica airbag control unit

    Where would I find the air bag control unit on a hyundai amica?
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    Hyundai 1999 Atoz air bag light

    Hi group I believe an air bag light on the dash is now an MOT failure. Great not!? If that is the case I have to get this working or disabled. I also have a hyundai amica so virtually the same car. On this one I can unplug the seat sensor under the drivers seat and it still doesn't...
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    Wall paper and damp walls

    I had some wallpaper damaged by damp. I think I've fixed the damp problem. But don't want to take any chances. I know there is paint or something that you paint onto the wall to stop damp coming through and damaging the wall paper. Any recommendations for a product to use?
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    Unvented cylinder swap immersion heater weird

    This is just plain weird. Swapped a system from vented hot water tank to direct twin immersion heater unvented tank. Electric only house so added timer and a top/bottom switch so they can swap between upper immersion and lower immersion. This is powered from the old immersion heater...
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    Hyundai Amica 1ltr engine 2002 misfire

    Got a misfire and engine warning light comes on when I slip into 3rd gear and accelerate more quickly. Ease back on the acceleration and it goes away. Runs fine when zipping along the motorway at 60mph. I have swapped the map sensor with a known good one from another car but no...
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    Why are plumbers customers such a let down.

    Customers They sit there all summer long knowing their boiler/radiator/tank needs replacing. Do they ring the poor plumber who is sitting at home twiddling his thumbs. No. No they sit there until the first cold snap and then think. Oh maybe I should ring a plumber. Then wonder why they...