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    Fan oven not heating up.

    Electric tripped and now my wife said the fan oven is blowing air and the thermo light is on but the dinner won't cook. It's a Stoves 1000 EDL range cooker. I'm guessing the element has gone. Is this a simple job to change it.
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    White Knight spin dryer top won't open.

    My wife is having trouble with the spin dryer. The top won't always open and she has to re-spin a few times. It seems to open better if you turn the switch half off and let it slowly stop, and then switch to the 0 rather than straight to the 0 and let the brake stop it. Is this something simple...
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    Socket tester

    My phone's been playing up recently, and stopped working today. It worked off the test socket at the back so I suppose it needs a new socket. BT says it's my job to fix it, or pay them a fortune. Question is, how long can you use the testing socket for? Call centre says only a couple of days.
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    Hotpoint TL22W

    How do you change the belt on this dryer? Take the back or front off? Thanks in advance.
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    grundfos 25/50

    Whats the difference between a Grundfos 25/50 and a 15/50 and are they inter changable.
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    Leaking HWC

    I have got a slight leak where the flow pipe enters the HWC between the 2 nuts. Is there a compound I could use to stop it, or do I need to drain the system and reseal the threads?